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Zoom Testing specialises in supplying drug testing kits for use by individuals and for businesses. Our urine and saliva drug testing kits screen for all the common illegal drugs, as well as prescription drugs and alcohol. We also offer urine drug tests that screen for single drugs of abuse or a combination of drugs. Our UK drug testing capability includes specialist knowledge on most commonly used drugs of abuse. We specialise in cocaine drug testing kits.

Our expertise is in workplace drug testing kits and drug and alcohol test kits for employers. We also have a wide range of drug identification tests that can help to identify suspicious substances found in the workplace or home.

Single Drug Test Kits

Single Drug Test Kits – Urine

Our single drug test kits can detect most common drugs of abuse. The kits are available with different testing strips for you to choose which drugs you want to be tested. All of the drug tests are simple to use and only involve taking a sample of urine, with accurate and rapid results within 5 minutes.

Choose from:  Amphetamine Drug Test (AMP)Benzodiazepines Drug Test (BZD)Cannabis Drug Test (THC)Cocaine Drug Test (COC)Ecstasy Drug Test (MDMA)Heroin Drug Test (MOR)Ketamine Drug Test (KET)Methamphetamine Drug Test (MET)Nicotine Drug Test (COT)
Spice Drug Test (K2)

7 Panel Drug Test Kit

Multi Panel Drug Test Kits – Urine

These kits are perfect for home and workplace drug testing when the abused drug is unknown. Test for several drugs at a time using a single device and sample. The range starts with our 3 panel tests, all the way up to a comprehensive 18 panel drug test kit. Choose from:

5 Panel Drug Tests – with Ketamine – for Party Drugs
6 Panel Drug Tests – with Ketamine and MDMA – with Benzos and Meth
7 Panel Drug Tests –  for Street Drugs
10 Panel Drug Tests – with Ketamine – with Spice and NicotineUK Workplace Standard
12 Panel Drug Tests – FDA Approved


FRONT PAGE: Saliva Drug Tests

Saliva Drug Test Kits

These oral fluid drug tests are popular with many employers look to employ drug testing kits at work. Simple saliva swab tests such as these produce quick and reliable results and are perfect for drug testing in the the UK workplace. Larger saliva tests also include an alcohol test. Choose from:
3 Panel Saliva Drug Testing Kit
5 Panel Saliva Drug Testing Kit
5 Panel Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Test Kit
6 Panel Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Test Kit
7 Panel Saliva Drug Test – UK Workplace & Roadside Drugs
7 Panel T-Square Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Test Kit
10 Panel Saliva Drug Testing Kit – UK Workplace & Roadside Drugs
12 Panel T-Square Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Test Kit

Breathalysers and Alcohol Tests

Breathalysers and Alcohol Tests

We offer a selection of drug tests that will check breath, saliva and urine for alcohol. Including:

Saliva Alcohol Screen
Urine Alcohol Screen
Disposable Breathalyser
AL6000 Alcohol Breathalyser
AL7000 Alcohol Breathalyser

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