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Drug Test Kits

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Zoom Testing specialises in supplying drugs test kits for use by individuals, companies and government institutions. Our drug testing kits test screen for alcohol and all the common illegal drugs ,as well as prescription drugs. These alcohol and drug testing kits are perfect for home or workplace testing and are CE marked. Out drug test kits are suitable for professional and clinical use.

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Multi Drug Test Kits
saliva drug test kits
drug identifiaction / drug wipes
breahtlysers and alcohol tests

Drug Swab Testing – Detects virtually ALL drugs*

Laboratory Drug Testing Service

Zoom Testing offers a simple to use drug swab testing kit with laboratory analysis. Our drug swab kits detect virtually ALL drugs. Use our kit to swab any surface where drug presence is suspected and return it for testing at our Home Office licensed forensic drugs laboratory based in the UK.

Our lab tests are conducted by scientists who have many years of experience in the field of controlled drugs detection. We use the most sensitive method of GCMS (Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry) to analyse your sample and provide highly accurate results. Click for more details on our Drug Swab Testing Service.

* There are some (but not many) drugs such as LSD and GHB which cannot be detected by GCMS.