10 Panel Drug Test Kit with Ketamine

10 Panel Drug Screen – UK Workplace Standard


NEW FOR 2022! A fast and highly accurate drug test which screens for the presence of drugs in urine. This drug cassette will test urine for 10 of the most common drugs of abuse, with reliable results in just a few minutes. Designed for UK Workplaces.

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This 10 panel urine drug test is the perfect choice for employers. It detects the 10 most commonly encountered drugs of abuse groups that may be found in any UK workplace. It will detect every major common drug of abuse in a single drug test, which makes it both comprehensive and excellent value.

This 10 panel drug test is suitable for both business and healthcare users and comes with the full quality certification that you would expect with this kind of test (CE FDA ISO TUV IVDD)

Results from this test can be obtained in just 5 minutes.

Long Expiry Dates

These easy to store and use drug screen tests have a long expiry date, meaning that they are ideal to keep on the shelf for regular drug testing and monitoring.

This 10 Panel Drug Screen is designed for UK workplaces. It screens simultaneously for the following drugs:

  • AMP Amphetamines (1000 ng/ml)
  • BAR Barbiturates (300 ng/ml)
  • BZD Benzodiazepines (300 ng/ml)
  • THC Cannabis (50 ng/ml)
  • COC Cocaine (300 ng/ml)
  • MDMA Ecstasy (500 ng/mL)
  • MET Methamphetamines (1000 ng/ml)
  • MTD Methadone (300 ng/ml)
  • OPI Opiates (Heroin) (2,000 ng/ml)
  • TCA Trycyclic Anti-Depressants (1000 ng/ml)


For the most comprehensive employment screening, we recommend that this test be used with an 80 Hour Alcohol Test at the same time, therefore providing a full screen for the 11 most common drugs of abuse in the UK.

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