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These alcohol test strips from Zoom Testing are designed to be a simple ‘dip and read’ alcohol test for detecting the presence of alcohol in urine. These CE marked alcohol test strips gives a rapid read out for the presence of alcohol in the urine sample.

Urine is the most practical specimen for alcohol testing in the workplace, specifically when the purpose of testing is to demonstrate that alcohol consumption has occurred. Alcohol concentration within the human body increases slowly after alcohol intake. The maximum alcohol concentration in human urine is in the period between 30 minutes to one hour after the last alcohol intake. After this maximum, the alcohol concentration in a human body decreases. The time taken for the alcohol concentration to reach zero, depends on the amount consumed. Alcohol may be detected in the urine for 1 to 2 hours longer than it is detected in the blood.

How does the Alcohol Test Strips work?

The alcohol test strip is a chemical analyser, based on an alcohol-sensitive enzymatic reaction. If alcohol is present in the sample, it reacts with the chemicals on the strip and a colour change will occur. It provides a qualitative result, that shows whether the sample contains alcohol or not.

The urine-alcohol test strip consists of a plastic strip, on which the reaction field is applied. The reaction-field contains a chemical reaction system that contains highly sensitive enzymes. Through contact with a sample containing alcohol the reaction field will change colour depending on the alcohol concentration. The colour change is proportional to the amount of alcohol in the sample. By comparing the colour strip with recorded colour, the concentration of alcohol in the sample can be determined.

What do the test results look like?

These alcohol test strips give a simple “positive” or “negative” result.


NEGATIVE: No discolouration on the reaction field. The colour should match the printed colour of a negative result. This means that no alcohol was detected.

POSITIVE: A colour change occurs on the reaction field. The colour of the reaction field varies from light to dark blue, exactly the same or similar to the colour printed on the packaging.


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