Multi Drug Test Kits

At Zoom Testing we have one of the most comprehensive ranges of drug test kits that you will find in the UK. Choose from Urine or Saliva Drug Test Kits, depending on your requirements.

Urine Drug Tests

These multi-panel urine drug test kits are the perfect choice for home and workplace drug testing; specifically, when the abused drug is unknown. These test kits make it simple and easy to test for several drugs at a time using a single device and sample.

The Zoom Testing range of multi-panel drug tests kits is wide, starting with a smaller 3 panel tests, all the way up to a comprehensive 13 panel drug test kit. Many of the tests have been designed to scan for specific drug groups in one test. For example, our 5 Panel Drug Test with Ketamine is particularly suitable for recruitment screening as it targets five of the most commonly used drugs taken in a younger demographic.


Saliva Drug Tests

Saliva drug testing is one of the easiest ways of screening for drugs in the workplace. Sample collection can be easily observed and allows you to check if a worker has drugs in their system now or recently, rather than detecting older drug exposure.

Zoom Testing offers a range of saliva drug tests that are ideal for workplace drug testing, allowing you to determine if an employee has recently used drugs. All come with easy to follow instructions.


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