5 Panel Drug Test Kit

5 Panel Drug Test for Party Drugs


A fast and highly accurate drug test which screens for the presence of drugs in urine. This party drug testing kit offers a superb combination test for detecting 5 common recreational club drugs, including Ecstasy.

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Testing urine for the presence of drugs is a good idea if we are to deter our friends, family or colleagues from taking drugs. The 5 Panel Drug Test for Party Drugs from Zoom Testing looks for the presence of five of the most commonly used recreational drugs in the UK today. It is a reliable, fast, and cost-effective urine drug test and is particularly suitable as a drug test combination for younger people who might encounter drugs when out clubbing or partying.

5 Panel Drug Test Strips for Party Drugs

Party Drugs Test

This party drugs test is particularly suitable for testing individuals under the age of 30 as it targets drugs that are frequently used by a younger demographic. It is ideal for use as a home drug testing kit. It is also a good choice of drug test kit for parents and schools. Ideal for recruitment, pre-employment and random workplace drug testing. This test is also our recommend drug testing kit for music festivals.

This 5 panel party drugs test offers peace of mind for loved ones. With the prevalence of recreational drugs at clubs, festivals, and social gatherings, it’s wise to check for drug use. Early detection allows for open discussions and access to support services if needed. While this discrete test looks for five common party drugs, Zoom Testing also offers expanded panels screening for a wider range of substances. Our tests meet stringent quality standards, ensuring accurate results you can trust. Whether for your own knowledge or as part of a workplace policy, regular screening promotes health, safety, and accountability.

When can the test be done?

These urine drug tests are simple to use and the test can be carried out at any time. The 5 panel test kit is vertically inserted into the urine sample for 10 – 15 seconds and provides a pass/fail reading after just 5 minutes. You can read negative results as soon as they appear but positive results must be read at least 5 minutes after removing from urine. This employee drug test has a standard shelf life at room temperature of 12-18 months.

How accurate is the test?

This 5 panel drug test is very accurate and the sensitivity levels meet the international SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) standards. These 5 panel drug test kit can be used for pre-employment testing, as well as clinical or hospital use. All tests are individually foil-wrapped and come with full instructions on how they should be used. The tests are CE approved for use by healthcare professionals.

What drugs are detected by the 5 Panel Drug Test?

This drug cassette will test a urine sample for the following drugs:

  • AMP Amphetamines / Speed (1000 ng/ml) – 2-6 days after use
  • COC Cocaine and Crack (300 ng/ml) – 2-5 days after use
  • MDMA/XTC Ecstasy (500 ng/ml) – 2-6 days after use
  • MET Methamphetamines / Crystal Ice (1000 ng/ml) – 2-6 days after use
  • THC Cannabis (20 ng/ml) – 2-30 days after use

Drug detection times using the 5 Panel Drug Test

Due to the sensitive nature of this drugs test, you must be careful when carrying out the test to avoid contamination and thus inaccurate test results. Please read these instructions carefully before beginning the test. All urine drug tests will give you a qualitative result. A positive result should be verified by a laboratory using a secondary method such as GC/MS (gas chromatograph/ mass spectrometry).

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