Cocaine Drug Testing

Zoom Testing offers a range professional drugs tests for use by individuals and companies. There are various types of cocaine drug testing kits. The most popular choice is a urine drug test. Our cocaine drug tests detect COC in urine within hours of using the drug and possibly up to 2 – 5 days after use (depending on the individual and amount of use). They offer the fastest and most inexpensive way to test for cocaine use with results you can trust in five minutes.

Cocaine Drug Testing – Single Drug Tests

Urine drug tests for cocaine use as used extensively in UK drug testing environments. Our biggest selling drug test for cocaine is designed to detect use of the drug from a urine sample, up to 5 days after last use of the drug. Urine drug testing is a very reliable way of detecting use of the drug in recent days. These tests actually detect benzoylecgonine, which is the main metabolite of cocaine.

Cocaine Drug Testing – Multi Panel Tests

Drug tests used by employers are often designed to screen for a number of drugs at the same time. These types of drug tests are known as multi panel or multi parameter drug test kits. Nearly all multi panel drug tests will screen for cocaine. At Zoom Testing, the most popular multi parameter tests are our 3,5,7 and 11 panel drug test kits.

Saliva Drug Tests for Cocaine

Saliva drug tests are becoming a more popular form of drug testing. This is because the test are easier to deliver and less invasive. However the window of detection is less for a saliva test than a urine one. Saliva drug tests are normally multi panel and almost all will include cocaine as one of the tested parameters. Typically cocaine can be detected by a saliva drug test over a period of 24 to 48 hours after the last use.  Once again, this time may vary according to each person’s metabolism, as well as the quantity and quality of the drug that was consumed.

Cocaine Test Swabs & Drug Identification Tests

Simple to use Cocaine Surface Wipes provide a rapid and accurate method of determining the presence of cocaine residues. The swabs are foil packed for long shelf life. These types of wipes can be used by pubs and bars to detect drug use on licensed premises. We also offer a range of Drug Identification Tests, which includes a specific test for detecting cocaine and crack. Finally, as a leading UK drug testing company, we also offer Laboratory Drug Identification as an additional service.

What Type of Drug Is Cocaine?

There are three main categories of drugsStimulants, Depressants and Hallucinogens. Cocaine is a stimulant. Stimulants take effect by speeding up the messages that travel between the brain and the body.  This is done by increasing activity of the central nervous system.

What Types of Cocaine Are There?

There are many types of cocaine. The most commonly found form of the drug is known as Cocaine Hydrochloride, This is the white crystalline powder that many of imagine the drug as looking like. Variants of the drug include freebase, crack cocaine, speedbase and snow bomb. Cocaine can also be mixed with other drugs, such as alcohol or heroin, however mixing drugs is always a bad idea.  In fact, mixing alcohol and cocaine can be very dangerous indeed.

Is Cocaine Illegal?

Yes – in most countries it is. In the UK, cocaine is a Class A drug, which means that it’s illegal to possess or sell.Possession of the drug can land you with up to 7 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both. Cocaine is one of the ten most addictive illegal drugs around, and the 2nd most used illegal drug regularly used in the UK after cannabis. A 2014 survey found that 2.4% of people in the UK admitting to have tried the drug it in the last year, making it one of the most commonly used drugs in the UK.

How Much Does Cocaine Cost in the UK?

Use of cocaine is on the increase in the UK. When we recently examined the the top five trends in UK drug testing, it was clear to see that the the number of positive drug tests for cocaine has risen dramatically in the last few years. One of the main reasons for this is fact that the drug is becoming much cheaper to buy. In some parts of the country, such as Bristol, users have been able to buy cocaine at “pocket money” prices. Similarly, a report in 2019 found that £2m was being spent weekly on cocaine and cannabis in Bedfordshire

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System?

Cocaine can stay in your system for days, long enough to be detected by a drug test. The amount of time needed for cocaine to exit the system is dependent on a number of factors. These include:

  • The amount of drug taken.
  • How frequently the drug is being taken
  • Individual body weight and height.
  • Overall rate of metabolism, which depends on an individual’s levels of activity and health status.

Does Cocaine Cause Dilated Pupils?

Often, when you take take drugs, you can get dilated pupils. This is known as Mydriasis, and is it can be a sign of drug abuse, When you take cocaine, your pupil can also become dilated. Dilation of this kind is temporary as the pupil returns to normal as soon as the effect of the drugs wear off.

Faint Line on a Cocaine Drug Test – What Does It Mean?

If you have taken a urine drug test for cocaine, you might find that the line in the test window is faint. What does that mean though? Have you passed or failed the drug test? We have actually written a whole blog post asking this very question – Faint Line on a Drug Test – What Does It Mean? In a nutshell though, if you can see a faint line in the test window, this indicates a negative drug test result.

What Are the Drug Test Cut-Off Levels for Cocaine?

The cut-off levels for a cocaine drug tests will vary, depending on the type of test being used. We have written a blog post which explains the drug test cut-off levels for cocaine when using urine or saliva drug test kits. Generally, speaking the cut-off for urine tests is 300 ng/ml. For saliva tests this cut off level is much lower at just 20 ng/ml. For more info on the subject, the blog post is a good place to start as it explains in a lot more detail about cut-off levels for cocaine.

Can You Buy a Cocaine Drug Test at Boots?

Often you need to buy a drugs test in a hurry. However it is not that easy to find a home testing screen on the high street.  Currently you can’t buy a drug test at Boots for cocaine or any other drugs. Other chemists might help? You can buy a Lloyds Pharmacy drug test, but only in larger branches of that chain. This is why ordering online is normally the quickest and easiest option.

What Are The Street Names For Cocaine?

There are many street names for drugs. Cocaine is also known as White, Wash, Toot, Stones, Snow, Rocks, Percy, Pebbles, Freebase, Crack, Coke, Ching, Charlie, Chang, C.

More information on Cocaine Drug Testing Kits

Our blog pages offer extensive information on Cocaine Drug Testing and anything you may not know about cocaine. Here are some of the blog posts we have written on the subject. If you have a question about Cocaine Drug Testing and can’t find the answer in any of these articles, please contact us and we will try to help!

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