AL6000 Alcohol Breathalyser

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Displays mg/L
Used by Police and NHS

Breath alcohol content 0.220 for Scotland, Ireland & France
0.350 for the rest of the UK
0.090 for workplace HSE screening
Perfect for Alcohol Drug Testing

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Driving under the influence of alcohol is not safe. In fact, it is illegal if you exceed the accepted drink drive limits set by different countries.

After a couple of glasses of wine, how would you know if you were safe to drive your car home?

For many, the easiest and safest way of checking alcohol levels is by using a breathalyser such as the AL6000. This handy, portable detector analyses a breath sample to detect alcohol in the lungs. This reading is then converted to blood alcohol concentration (BRAC – mg/L).

An Alcohol Breathalyser That Doesn’t Need Recalibration

The AL6000 Alcohol Breathalyser is the latest gadget in the market that is super easy to use. It is a quality digital device that makes analysing breath for alcohol levels very easy. It makes use of an advanced oxide semiconductor sensor. This is a unique alcohol detector because it features pre-calibrated alcohol sensor modules. With this module, there is no need to recalibrate the gadget. This makes the machine easy to use on a regular basis. This is why we think the AL6000 is best gadget to carry around to ensure that you are safe for driving.

What Do You Get In The Box?

The AL6000 alcohol breathalyser comes as a complete kit with a carry pouch, 2 free batteries, and 5 plastic mouthpieces. It has a switch to put it on and comes with indicators to let the user know when the machine is ready for testing breath.

Pocket-Size Breathalyser

It is a pocket-sized device that is easy to carry and use whenever you require. Use it to analyse your breath for alcohol levels. It can be used after at least 20 minutes of having the last drink. In case someone is smoking, a one-minute gap should be given after smoking the last cigarette to get accurate readings.

The UK Drink Drive Reading is 0.35mg/l on the AL6000 Unit we supply.

The breathalyser has a unique shape that makes it easy to hold and use. The silver colour lends it a classic look.

Don’t Drink And Drive

Drinking alcohol in ANY amount may impair the ability to drive. There is no “safe” level of alcohol intake before driving. If you have consumed alcohol, use the breathalyser to check the level of alcohol in your lungs. Don’t drink and drive. This is not only for your safety but other too.

A Quick Guide to the Alcoscan AL6000 Breathalyser

Alcoscan AL6000 is a portable, handheld device which is used to check the concentration of alcohol in the breath with great accuracy. It is one of the best breath alcohol testers around, which is used by the police and the NHS throughout the UK. The device is unique as it consists of a specially designed pre-calibrated Alcohol Sensor Module, which ensures that there’s no requirement for the usual send away recalibration that is used in most of the other breathalysers used in the market. The sensor works as an easy to use plug-in unit, so you can easily add a replacement if needed.

Alcoscan AL6000: Accuracy

You may want to know about the accuracy of this breathalyser. It is accurate enough to be used by the police and law enforcement agencies across the world. It is now also used by the NHS in the UK. The breathalyser is approved by the FDA and CE and meets ALL US, European and UK standards. It is also approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT).

Alcoscan AL6000: Ease of Use

This breathalyser is self-calibrating. So you can just turn it on and blow into it for it to start working. It displays the exact alcohol concentration for up to 2 decimal points starting from 0.00mg/L, which is zero alcohol concentration, to 2.00mg/L, which is coma level alcohol concentration. It gives you an instant reading and tells you when you cross the legal driving alcohol limit in the UK of 0.35mg/L.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the new Scottish drive limit? Does this breathalyser take cognisance of that?
Absolutely, it does. The Scottish drink drive limit is 0.20mg/L, while that is the rest of the UK is 0.35mg/L. The breathalyser displays the results of the breath test in mg/L, so you can see instantly whether you’re over the limit in Scotland, or for that matter in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

How does this product compare with the other breathalysers sold on the internet?
Most of the breathalysers sold on eBay don’t give you an accurate reading, and cannot be relied upon. They may be cheap, but they should never be used to determine alcohol levels in anyone as they are just wrong for the most part. Some even claim to having been approved by the CE, which is really untrue. Such low quality products cannot get CE approval.

Is there a safe alcohol level, at all?
No, there is nothing safe about driving when you’ve had alcohol, even if you have stayed within your limits. If you’re going to drive, or are at work, just don’t drink, as simple as that.

Is the Alcoscan AL6000 breathalyser right for you?
If you want to accurately test yourself or an individual for the level of alcohol, before driving yourself or allowing that individual to drive or operate complex machinery, then it is for you. Generally, this product is targeted at individuals who want to get themselves tested for alcohol levels, and is marketed to employers, medical professionals and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Why buy the Alcoscan AL6000 breathalyser?
You should consider buying this breathalyser because it is made by one of the top suppliers of alcohol and drug testing equipment to the police, security forces, prison authorities, NHS and National Transport Companies in the UK. The product carries a 12 month warranty as well as a free insurance cover.

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