Can Using Cannabis Oil Result in a Positive Drug Test?

Could You Get a Positive Drug Test After Using Cannabis Oil?

Following a 2019 announcement by Home Secretary Sajid Javid, stating that specialists UK doctors are allowed to prescribe medical products derived from cannabis, there was a huge increase in the interest in health products based on cannabis in the UK. Cannabis oil is one such product that has gained lots of attention.

Cannabis Oil, also known as CBD oil, has been used for treating a variety of problems from controlling pain to getting better sleep. Nevertheless, as Cannabis oil becomes more popular, people are concerned about failing drug tests because of using CBD oil. There have been a number of stories in the news recently involving sports stars, company employees, etc. who have tested positive for THC, the psychoactive part of cannabis, although CBD oil is reportedly free of THC.

Is there any chance that Cannabis Oil users could test positive following an illicit drug screening? If so, is there a way to stop this from happening?

Is There THC In CBD Oil?

As a drug test is carried out, it is the THC, the active chemical in cannabis that shows up as positive. The majority of people think that CBD oil does not contain THC.

Actually, based on the method of obtaining the cannabis utilized to make the CBD oil, there are traces of THC in certain products.

Breakdown of Cannabis

There are two varieties of the cannabis genus namely the marijuana and hemp plants, which all fall under the cannabis umbrella. Hemp and marijuana can both be called cannabis plants, but the two plants are different.

The cannabis plant contains the active chemical compound CBD. This is increasing in popularity due to the lack of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the component in the plant that results in getting high.

The law in the UK states that the maximum THC that can be included in cannabis oil is 0.2% and separating the THC should not be simple.

The main difference between hemp and marijuana is that there is virtually no THC in hemp. The majority of CBD products are manufactured from hemp instead of cannabis.

Potential Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil may offer several potential health benefits, although more research is needed. Some preliminary studies suggest cannabis oil may help with:

  • Pain relief – A 2017 report found CBD could reduce chronic pain and inflammation. The cannabinoids in cannabis oil may relieve pain by binding to receptors in the brain and immune system. More evidence is still needed from large human studies.
  • Reducing anxiety – Early research indicates CBD may help relieve anxiety. A 2011 study found CBD could reduce social anxiety disorder. CBD may change how the brain’s receptors respond to serotonin, a chemical linked to mental health. However, most studies have been on animals so far.
  • Improving sleep – CBD may help people fall asleep faster and sleep longer, a 2019 study noted. It may increase overall sleep amounts and reduce insomnia. CBD may also reduce anxiety and relieve pain – two things that can interfere with sleep. More study is still needed to confirm benefits.

In the UK, what products can you buy?

It is possible to purchase certain cannabis-based products online without a prescription.

The chances are high that some of these products including CBD oils will not be legal to have or supply. The probability is high that THC will be included, and might not be safe for consumption.

“Pure CBD” is sold at some health stores, but the quality of the product is not guaranteed and only includes a minute quantity of CBD, therefore the effect it could have is not clear.

Buying Safe Products

When purchasing cannabis oil, check:

  • The CBD concentration – Products should list the amount of CBD per serving and per container. A higher concentration means you may need to take less to feel effects.
  • If THC is present – Legal hemp-based CBD products should not exceed 0.3% THC. Look for products that specifically state 0% THC or clearly guarantee passing drug tests.
  • Third-party lab reports – Reputable companies should provide up-to-date Certificates of Analysis from an independent lab confirming the CBD and THC amounts match what is advertised.

Why It Is Possible to Fail a Cannabis Drug Test

There are a number of reasons why someone could fail a drug test.

  1. Consuming A Product Containing THC

    The main reason someone fails a CBD drug test is that they used a CBD product with THC in it. This could be a result of buying a low-quality product that has traces of THC. Even though the majority of makers state that there is no THC in their products and this is not always true.

  2. Mislabeling of Products

    There is only supposed to be 0.3% THC in CBD oil that is extracted from hemp. Nevertheless, manufacturers often mislabel their products as not having any THC and extracted from hemp. In reality, the oil is made from a marijuana extraction, which includes THC.

  3. Secondhand Exposure to THC

    It is unlikely to be exposed to marijuana by accident via secondhand smoke and have a positive drug test, however, it could happen. If you are in a room where there was heavy marijuana smoking for a few hours, you might inhale enough THC that might produce a positive test.

How to Prevent a Positive Cannabis Drug Test

There are steps you can take to avoid failing a cannabis drug test if you are taking CBD oil.

  • Do your homework on the manufacturer and the products they produce to guarantee they produce pure CBD products.
  • Make sure hemp is used for the CBD oil extraction.
  • Don’t get exposed to second-hand marijuana via smoking or hair contact with a THC user.

It should be impossible to get a false positive drug test from CBD oil, in theory. But, there isn’t consistent regulation of CBD oil, therefore, you cannot guarantee there is pure CBD oil in a product, or that the concentration levels are safe and effective. Proceed with caution and do extensive research before buying any CBD oil product to guarantee.

Photo by Caleb Simpson on Unsplash

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