Cocaine Surface Wipes

Cocaine Surface Wipes

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A rapid, accurate method of determining the presence of COCAINE residues, the swabs are foil packed for long shelf life.

Simply wipe the swab over any surface where you suspect the presence of COCAINE. Any traces present will produce an immediate BLUE coloration on the test swab.

Safe to use and may be disposed of with normal waste.

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Cocaine Test Swabs

These Zoom Testing Cocaine Drug Swabs offer a highly reliable test for the immediate detection of cocaine on any surface. This cocaine trace wipe was developed in cooperation with Police and Customs Authorities for the determination of cocaine residues on all surfaces.

Simply tear open the foil pouch, remove the swab. A simple wipe on the suspected area (desks, suitcases, etc) will establish if cocaine residue is present on that item. When cocaine is found, the cocaine drug swab test turns blue. The amount of cocaine found in or on the test material will determine the intensity of the blue colouration of the wipe.

These cocaine drug swab tests have a long shelf life, so you can be assured that the results will always be reliable, whenever you use them. They may be disposed of with normal waste.

Cocaine Drug Swabs are used by police and local authorities

These cocaine drug testing kits, are of the same type used by the Police in the UK and also by Local Authority licensing officers who use them inside pub, clubs and bars around the country. These cocaine wipes are now widely used in hotels and gymnasiums and a host of public places.

Cocaine Surface Wipe Reviews

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3 reviews for Cocaine Surface Wipes

  1. 5 out of 5

    Joe S (verified owner)

    These cocaine surface wipes are effective in highlighting scale of usage due to the immediate change and intensity in colouration when in contact with cocaine residue. Although not being used in direct contact with skin may initially appear a limitation, in actual fact, in terms of indicating high frequency surface areas which to target and monitor, they [the wipes] have proven instrumental as part of a multi-stage, collaborative strategy of deterrence and prevention with positive results.

    Always reliable and easy-to-use, I have a regular order from Zoom when my stock runs low.

  2. Patrick Tidnam

    Do the wipes work on wraps?

    • Anthony Cunningham

      Hi Patrick. These cocaine wipes offer a highly reliable test for the immediate detection of cocaine on any surface.

  3. stuart

    Do you have to test straight away on surface example phone or will it still pick up a week later?

    • Anthony Cunningham

      Hi Stuart

      The cocaine surface wipe gives instant results. Simply wipe the surface and if any cocaine residue is found, the wipe will turn blue in colour.

      Hope this helps

      Zoom Testing

    • Catherine

      How many wipes do you get in a pack, please?

      • Anthony Cunningham


        These are single wipe packs, so each pack contains one cocaine wipe.

        Zoom Testing

  4. owen

    if i suspect cocaine was used on a surface in my house a week ago will these wipes detect it even though it was a week ago

    • Anthony Cunningham


      If cocaine is still present on that surface it will be detected by the wipe, even after a week.

      Zoom Testing

  5. samantha hannon

    would this pick up cocaine that is in pain med or antidepressants that have been crushed thanks

  6. 5 out of 5

    dave (verified owner)

    very quick delivery, a small price for a settled mind.. thank you

  7. 5 out of 5

    Marie (verified owner)

    Worked immediately. Would definitely use again.

  8. ROXI

    I suspect my step daughters reading and school bags have been in contact with cocaine. Is there a time scale where these wouldn’t work?

    • Anthony Cunningham

      Hi Roxi

      If cocaine is present on the bags or books it would be detected by the wipes. Time would not be a factor.

      Zoom Testing

  9. Dave (verified owner)

    I used the wipe on a napkin that had suspected cocaine on it.
    The wipe did not change colour however the napkin changed to blue where the suspected residue was.
    Does this confirm positive ?

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