10 Places Where You Might Use A Cocaine Sweep

A Cocaine Sweep is a fast and presumptive surface test that is used to identify the presence of cocaine or crack residues on any surface.  This type of single-use drug type can be useful  in determining drug use in many situations. In this article we look at five of the many places where Cocaine Sweeps might be used.

1. Checking for Cocaine Use At Home

More often than not, drug use can be a problem at home. It is often a worried parent or partner who contacts us in need of advice and a simple cocaine surface wipe can be used to determine if any surfaces in the house have been used for the preparation of cocaine.

A cocaine sweep can be simply wiped on any surface that drugs may have been on. If cocaine has been present, the wipe will turn blue, indicating a positive result.

2. Checking for Cocaine Use in Pubs and Bars

Recreational use of cocaine by customers of bars, pubs and clubs is a problem for the owners and managers of such establishments. Those in charge have a duty of care in ensuring that no drugs are used by patrons who visit their establishments.  Failure to tackle a drug problem in a license premises could result in a criminal conviction. Or the licence to serve alcohol may be withdrawn.

Cocaine Sweeps are ideal for testing any surface in a bars and pubs. Communal areas such as toilets are often targetted by drug users. A cocaine sweep can  be used to quickly determine if a problem exists in those areas.

Zoom Testing specialises in the supply of Cocaine Wipes for Pubs and Bars. We can offer expert advice on how to use cocaine sweeps as well as advice on next steps if a positive test is found.

3. Cocaine Sweeps for Hotels

Another growing area of cocaine usage is within hotels and we have been contacted by a number of managers and owners for advice this year. Once gain, a simple wipe of any surface in a hotel room can confirm if cocaine use has taken place. This can be done before room cleaning takes place to confirm which guest was using the drug. Airbnb owners have also found these wipes useful.

4. Cocaine Sweeps for Schools

Unfortunately, the use of drugs is a growing problem in UK schools. It is a problem that  affects both the private and state sectors. Cocaine sweeps can be used to control and maintain communal areas in order to ensure that the drug is not being used in these places. (Note: At Zoom Testing we offer a range of School Drug Prevention Products)

5. Bus Stations

Our fifth choice is a bit left field! We added bus stations to the list as Zoom Testing Cocaine Sweeps were recently used to test a number of public places in Norwich, including Norwich Bus Station! The newspaper journalist in this report used our wipes to test a number communal areas in Norwich.

6. Gymnasiums

Danish radio station decided to test local gyms to see if they could find evidence of drug use. The results were astonishing – 9 out of the 12 premises they tested proved positive for cocaine.

7. Public Toilets

The use of cocaine in public toilets is a growing problem for local councils. In 2018, a newspaper in Bath swabbed a number of local places, including loos. Using wipes obtained from Crackdown Drugtesting,  journalists found traces of cocaine use in toilets in Monmouth Street, Sydney Gardens and Henrietta Park.

In December 2021, the Sunday Times reported that traces of cocaine had been found in toilets inside the Houses of Parliament. 11 of 12 toilets that were tested had traces of the drug, including bathrooms near the Prime Minister and Home Secretary’s offices.

8. Financial institutions

Cocaine use has been an issue in some financial firms, with long hours and high stress levels contributing to drug abuse. Cocaine sweeps could be used to regularly test surfaces like desks and bathrooms at banks, hedge funds, and trading firms to identify if there are any issues. Finding traces early could help companies address potential problems before they escalate.

9. Courtrooms

There have been instances of lawyers, court staff and even judges abusing drugs. Cocaine sweeps could be used to occasionally test surfaces in courtrooms and judges’ chambers to ensure the integrity of the legal process. Finding any positives would be a cause for concern and investigation.

10. Police stations

While rare, there have been cases of police officers developing drug habits. Doing occasional, random cocaine sweeps of areas like squad room desks and locker rooms at police stations could act as a deterrent and way to identify problems. Finding any cocaine residue would likely result in an internal investigation and intervention.

Buy Cocaine Sweeps

As can be seen, Cocaine Sweeps can be used in a number of places and will give a quick indication of recent drug usage. Please contact Zoom Testing if you need any further information on this product. Or follow this link to buy Cocaine Sweeps now.

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