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School Drug Prevention Products

Zoom Testing offers a wide range of solutions for schools to help them prevent drug use on school grounds.


  • Proactive drug prevention measures help prevent drug use on school premises
  • Demonstrate the school’s zero-tolerance stance on drugs
  • Use drug prevention in marketing materials to encourage pupils to join the school
  • Reassure parents drugs are not tolerated
  • Avoid bad publicity from drug use

Zoom Testing provides completely confidential drug intelligence screening services that are an invaluable tool when it comes to finding areas that are being used for taking drugs. Our services are able to detect small traces of just about any drug. This includes controlled drugs, prescription drugs, and so-called “legal highs”. Knowing where drugs might be being used helps with placing CCTV cameras in the right place, adding extra staff or prefects on patrol in the area, and ensuring that the area is kept out of use in general. Combining this with other measures such as CCTV footage and witness accounts helps to provide proof of “reasonable grounds” to search pupils in accordance with the law.

The results of the screening are only shared with you, and are never given to a third party. We don’t even give them to the police.

Further Information on Drugs Intelligence Screening Kits

What you Receive

You receive a full testing kit for swabbing any surface for drug traces, a full laboratory analysis of those samples, and a report about any drugs detected in the analysis.

How Our Test Works

Use the kit you receive to swab surfaces and detect trace amounts of prescription and/or controlled drugs. The kit can also be used on liquids and powders. Just follow the included instructions, use the testing kit where necessary, and then return the swab in the provided tamper evident bag. We analyse the swab and provide a full report about which drugs, if any, were detected and how they are classified under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. The results are available through post, email, or phone call. Simply tick which method you would prefer from the list on the form which comes with the kit.

Who is the Kit For?

Our kit enables you to confidentially assess if drugs are present on a surface of not. It can also be used to test actual drugs if necessary.

Who We Are

The swab you submit is analysed at a Home Office-licensed forensic drugs laboratory in the UK. The scientists we use have years of experience in detecting controlled drugs and we employ GCMS (Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry) to analyse kit samples.

How Long Does it Take?

We dispatch our kits within a single working day. We will get to work on analysing your sample and providing a report on the results within 10 working days of receiving it for our standard kits. We also have a Fast Track Kit, which we aim to deliver the results for within 5 working days.

Final Notes

Please note that, due to the nature of traces detection, anything included in the report on the sample is for intelligence purposes only. It can’t be used as evidence. The swabs are only for surface testing and aren’t suitable for testing for drugs on or in humans such as on hands or in saliva and urine.

Photo Credit:   “Drug Free School Zone” (CC BY 2.0) by compujeramey

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