Cocaine Use "Rife" In British Parliament

Cocaine Use “Rife” In British Parliament

A report in the Sunday Times has revealed that positive traces of cocaine use have been found in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

A dozen sites around the Palace of Westminster were found to have remnants of cocaine. These included bathrooms situated near the Prime Minister and Home Secretary’s offices.

Other areas where drug use was found included the dining room in the House of Lords, Strangers’ Bar and rooms used by the Labour Party.

The newspaper also said that cannabis was “being used openly” inside the palace.

Cocaine detection wipes were used to test surfaces in public areas. 11 of 12 toilets tested returned a positive result. These types of wipes, supplied by Zoom Testing, can test an area for previous cocaine use, with results in just a few minutes. The cocaine detection wipes are designed to be wiped on a surface. Each wipe come pre-packed in a small pack. The wipe itself resembles a wet wipe. Simply remove the wipe from the pack and move it over the surface. If cocaine has been used on the area being tested, the wipe will turn blue.

In the UK, cocaine is classified as a Class A drug. A maximum of seven years in prison faces anybody caught in possession of the drug. Supplying or producing the drug can result in a life sentence.

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This post was originally published in December 2021.

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