Cocaine Wipes for Pubs and Bars

Cocaine wipes are ideal for use in pubs and clubs where the licensee is concerned about cocaine usage on their premises.  These easy-to-use, cocaine wipes can be used to spot check toilets – the place where users most commonly prepare and snort cocaine. The wipes can be swabbed over areas such as toilet cisterns and seats to detect traces of the drug, with results in seconds.

Many pubs and bars have started using cocaine test swabs in recent years in order to clamp down on cocaine usage on their premises.  Many police forces across the UK also use these tests for special operations where a number of licensed premises are targeted for testing on busy Friday and Saturday nights. Recent police operations have taken place in pubs and bars in Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire and Surrey.

Cocaine Usage Is Problem for the Licensee

Cocaine wipes are a cost-effective way for licensees to make sure that their premises are not being used to take the drug. as the wipes can be used to monitor areas where drugs may be snorted. This is important as not tackling a drug problem in your pub could result in a criminal conviction and loss of your premises licence.

How to use Cocaine Wipes

Cocaine wipes are really simple to use. The wipe is removed from its packaging and the suspect area is then swabbed to detect even the smallest amount of cocaine residue. If any trace of the drug is found, the wipe instantly turns blue.

The cocaine wipe can be used on any dry surface in almost any environment.  Even if there are no visible powder remains from the drugs, the test can still work as it can detect even the smallest amount of the drug.

Cocaine wipes should not be used on human skin. (In these situations, saliva and urine screens for cocaine are more suitable.)

When using the cocaine wipes, it is recommended that latex gloves be worn to protect the skin from the chemical reagents and to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Results are instant with these wipes as the colour change occurs almost immediately. At present, there is no commercial confirmation test available for these wipes, but the accuracy and reliability of the wipes is high.

Photo Credit: Lachlan Hardy on Flickr

This post has been updated since its original publication in 2015.

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