4 Reasons to Use a Home Drug Test

4 Reasons to Use a Home Drug Test

We all know the fact that drugs are seamlessly integrated in our culture. And even if the government tries to stop them, the reality is that they still are available in quite a lot of places. For this reason, there may come an occasions when you need or want to use a home drug test in order to understand and help a loved one. There are many reasons why you should use such a home drug test.

Checking for Drug Use in Family Members

You may decide to drug test someone close to you if you suspect that they are taking drugs. This is a great way for parents to understand drug use and see if their children are involved in recreational drug use. Husbands and wives can also find peace of mind if they suspect that their partner is taking drugs. Home drug tests can detect a large number of illegal and prescribed medications and are very accurate. (Read our article which explains which drugs can be detected by a home drugs test.)

Young adults who are taking drugs put their lives, and those of others, at risk, when they drive vehicles whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol. UK drug driving laws are some of the strongest in the world. Putting lives in danger whilst under the influence of drugs can be sometimes be avoided by screening for drugs on a regular basis.

Pre Employment Drug Testing

More and more employers are now carrying out drug tests on potential recruits and existing employees. For anybody that has a history of recreational drug use, this can cause a few problems. Going into drug testing situation without the confidence that you know you can pass is very stressful for many. Testing at home can help alleviate many of the fears for people in these types of situations. If you find that you fail a home drugs test, you might be able to postpone the official test, giving you time to clean your system of any drugs by waiting a bit longer.

At Zoom Testing we certainly do not condone people trying to “cheat” a drug test but, at the same time, we are sympathetic to those that may have made unwise choices in the past that put them in very difficult situations.

Helping Family Members with a History of Drug Issues

A little check in with a child, partner or friend that has had a previous substance abuse problem can be a good thing. It does not take long to take a quick test in a private place to make sure that your loved one is keeping clean. If the results are not what you were hoping for, you at least have the advantage of a heads up that will allow you to look at further treatment options and professional help.

Drug Testing During Divorce

Divorce is a very stressful time for all those involved. The pressures of making custody arrangements and losing precious time with children is very hard to deal with for many. These problems are amplified when there is a history of drug use with one of the parents. In these situations, a home drug test can help. Using a drug test on a regular basis can help to ensure that the other parent is not under the influence when they turn up to take the child for their scheduled visit. A negative test can help give peace of mind that youngsters are safe whilst away.

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This post was originally published in November 2015.

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