Crackdown Drugtesting

Crackdown Drugtesting was established in 1993, as a specialist provider of a range of drug testing kits, and forensic evidence products. The company supplied products direct to the public and to numerous Private Institutions including Police Forces, Prison Service and HM Customs & Excise throughout the United Kingdom.

The Company owner, Dave Rigg, gradually expanded the company and building on his experience as a police dog handler he developed his knowledge to become a specialist in the detection and testing of controlled substances. Dave worked in conjunction with local ‘Pub Watch‘ and ‘Street Safe’ campaigns in the Greater Manchester area and was involved in numerous drug seizures and arrests for the supply and possession of controlled drugs.

Most items including Single Drug Test Kits, Multi Drug Test Kits, Cocaine Swabs, Crime Scene and Forensic Evidence equipment were available from stock for immediate delivery and it was the company aim to become a ‘one stop shop’ for all your specialist product and service requirements.

Crackdown Drugtesting was a leading UK supplier of MMC presumptive drug test kits.

Crackdown Drugtesting ceased trading on 18th April 2019.

Example products from Crackdown Drugtesting

Cocaine Test Swabs – A rapid, accurate method of determining the presence of COCAINE residues, the swabs are foil packed for indefinite shelf life. Simply wipe the swab over any surface where you suspect the presence of COCAINE. Any traces present will produce an immediate BLUE coloration on the test swab. Safe to use and may be disposed of with normal waste.

MMC Drug Screening Tests – The MMC Presumptive Drug Testing Kits were first introduced in the early 1990s, and they have become the presumptive drug testing kits of choice throughout Europe. We believe their ease of use, unprecedented reliability, low cost, and user safety will provide just what your are looking for.


Cannabis Drug Identification Test

10 Ampoule Pack ... Read More

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Cocaine Surface Wipes

Cocaine Surface Wipes

These Zoom Testing Cocaine Drug Swabs offer a highly reliable test for the immediate detection of cocaine on any surface. This cocaine trace wipe was developed in cooperation with Police and Customs Authorities for the determination of cocaine residues on all surfaces. Simply tear open the foil pouch, remove the ... Read More

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GBL Gammabutyrolaceton Drug Test

GBL Identification Test

10 Ampoule Pack ... Read More

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Heroin Drug Identification Tests – 10 Pack

This MMC drug identification test is designed to test suspect material and to identify if the sample is actually heroin. As a test kit it is highly reliable and is used by police forces around the world to correctly identify drugs that are found or seized as part of drug ... Read More

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Synthetic Cathinones Test (Bath Salts) – 10 Pack

A quick and simple test for the identification of mephedrone, methylone and MDPV. These kits are designed for use by professionals and individuals who need to quickly identify a suspect sample. This test will detect three drugs in one test. This pack contains 10 Synthetic Cathinones Tests. These drugs are ... Read More