COVID-19 and Drugs

COVID-19 and drugs

COVID-19 was first identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019. The disease spread quickly and was declared as a global pandemic in March 2020 by the WHO (World Health Organization) Since then, no country has managed to avoid infection from the coronavirus. In this blog post we bring together resources that are focused on how … Read more

Anti-Cocaine Spray Proving Successful

Anti-Cocaine Spray Proving Successful

An Anti-Cocaine Spray, which cause the drug to stick to any surface it is prepared on, is proving to be a big success in a trial being run by County Durham police. The spray, known as BlokIt has been developed by a company called Millwood Manufacturing in a bit to reduce the use of cocaine … Read more

Two Arrested Following Drink Spike Video

Two arrests made after Bristol drink-spiking video

Police have today acted quickly following the appearance of an online video which apparently shows the drink of a female nightclubber being spiked. Two adults from Gloucestershire have been arrested and are in custody. It is thought they are being detained under suspicion of administering a noxious substance. The video, which was filmed in Bristol … Read more

What is Oxycodone?

What is Oxycodone?

This prescription drug is a medication that is designed to to alleviate chronic pain.It is also a highly popular drug of choice for illicit users. In the US it has been dubbed “hillbilly heroin” because of the high level of addiction in rural communities. It’s popularity is partly down to the fact that is is … Read more

Buy Drug Testing Kits in Edinburgh

Buy Drug Testing Kits in Edinburgh

Residents of Edinburgh have routinely been turning to Zoom Testing for drug testing kits since the company opened for business in 2007. Zoom Testing, which supplies kits to other parts of the country outside of Edinburgh, deal with both individuals and large companies. Besides those customers, Zoom Testing also provides drug testing kits to HM … Read more

What is Diazepam?

What Is Diazepam?

Diazepam belongs to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. Its main use is to reduce muscle spasms and can also be used as a sedative taken before medical procedures. It can be used for treatment of seizures, alcohol withdrawal, anxiety and even panic disorders. The drug has even been used to treat the symptoms of … Read more

Is there a Ketamine Drug Test?

Ketamine Drug Test

A ketamine drug test is used to quickly detect the presence of the drug in urine or saliva. Ketamine As a Drug of Abuse The use of ketamine as a drug of abuse is becoming more common in the UK. In 2014, a national newspaper told us that seizures of ketamine had increased by 45 … Read more

7 Places Where You Might Use A Cocaine Sweep

A Cocaine Sweep is a fast and presumptive surface test that is used to identify the presence of cocaine or crack residues on any surface.  This type of single-use drug type can be useful  in determining drug use in many situations. In this article we look at five of the many places where Cocaine Sweeps … Read more

How To Use Cocaine Surface Wipes

How To Use Cocaine Surface Wipes

What are Cocaine Surface Wipes? There are many forms of drug testing nowadays and some do not even involve testing the individual. Instead the environment that they live or work in can be tested. A great example of this kind of testing is our Cocaine Surface Drug Detection Wipes. Cocaine wipes are user-friendly, postcard-sized swabs … Read more