Is there a ketamine drug test?

Ketamine as a drug of abuse

The use of ketamine as a drug of abuse is becoming more common in the UK. Just this week, a national newspaper told us that seizures of cocaine had increased by 12 per cent in England and Wales During the last year, 3.4 tonnes of the Class A drug were confiscated by authorities in 2013-14, nearly half a tonne more than in the previous year.

At the same time as this, statistics from the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System indicate that the numbersd of people requiring treatment for ketamine related health issues in the last 5 years have doubled.

So, what exactly is ketamine ?

Ketamine was developed in the early sixties a veterinary anaesthetic. Reports of this powerful drug being used as a drug of abuse first began to appear at the end of the nineties. The widespread use of Ketamine as a drug of abuse has only really taken of in the last five years though.

In the United Kingdom, Ketamine use is illegal. It is classified as a class B drug of abuse. It had been a class C drug, before being upgraded in early 2014.

Called “Special K” by its users, Ketamine offers floating or detached feeling for users. However it also carries serious health risks, including potential bladder & kidney problems. Ketamine also has a reputation as being a date rape drug as it is often used to spike drinks.

Are there drug testing kits for ketamine?

Buying a ketamine drug test

There are various types of drug testing kits for Ketamine available.  Urine drug testing kits for Ketamine are available as single drug testing kits.  The drug can also be detected by various multi-panel drug testing kits such as the Zoom Testing 11 Panel Drug Testing Kit.  Ketamine can be detected in urine for up to 3-5 days after last use by a ketamine drug test.