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Zoom Testing is a leading UK supplier of drug test kits for the private and professional markets. The company is also a supplier of drug test kits to the NHS. For companies and individuals that are looking to buy cannabis tests, Zoom Testing can supply cannabis test quickly and discreetly.

When you buy cannabis tests from Zoom Testing you can be assured that the drug tests are highly reliable, meeting international quality standards. Also, you can be assured that you will have the back up of a company that has been supplying drug tests for many years. Zoom Testing will be able to offer you help and advice along the way, which is why they should be the first place to consider when you buy cannabis tests.

Buy Cannabis Tests – Urine Drug Test Kits

The most popular and widely used tests for cannabis are urine drug tests. THC is the primary active ingredient in cannabis. A sample of urine is tested for the presence of THC, which remains detectable in the urine for 3-10 days after smoking. All urine drug test kits for cannabis should have a sensitivity/cut-off level of 50 ng/ml, which is the international recognised standard for such tests.

The urine drug test kit consists of a cassette and a sample dropper. A small sample of urine is collected and three drops of urine are placed in the well of the cassette. Results are highly accurate and can be read in 5 minutes.

You can buy cannabis tests as single drug test kits or as part of a multi-drug test kit that will also detect other substances.

Buy Cannabis Tests – Saliva Drug Test Kits

Cannabis can also be detected in saliva. With these types of drug tests, a swab is placed in the mouth of the person being tested and is moistened with saliva for about three minutes. It is then placed in the collection chamber of the saliva drug testing kit. The results can then be read after nine minutes.

A number of saliva-based drug tests are available from Zoom Testing. The most popular choices for clients who buy cannabis test that detect the presence of the drug in saliva are the four drug test kit and the seven drug test kit.

Buy Cannabis Tests – Next Day Delivery

All the drug tests supplied by Zoom Testing are shipped directly from our premises in the East Midlands. Whenever possible we ship all orders the same day, using 1st Class Royal Mail or FedEx. All of our shipments are sent in plain packing, ensuring that the contents of the package remain private to the user.

Best Cannabis Drug Testing Kits

cannabis drugs test

Cannabis Drug Test (THC)

Cannabis Drug Tests Test Sensitivity is 50ng/mL Approx. detectable time:  7 – 30 Days All tests are CE Marked and FDA Approved Test has an accuracy level of 99% ... Read More

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3 Panel Drug Test Kit

3 Panel Drug Test

A fast and highly accurate 3 Panel Drug Test that screens for the presence of drugs in urine. This drug cassette will detect Amphetamines, Cannabis and Cocaine, with reliable results in just a few minutes ... Read More

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Cannabis Drug Identification Test

10 Ampoule Pack ... Read More

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Spice Drug Test

Spice Drug Test

These urine drug test kits from Zoom Testing are designed to detect Synthetic Cannabis, commonly know as Spice or K2. The drug test is designed to be easy-to-use, and to give 99% reliable results in less than 5 minutes. Test in the convenience of your own home or office. Easy ... Read More

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