What is Oxycodone?

This prescription drug is a medication that is designed to alleviate chronic pain. It is also a highly popular drug of choice for illicit users. In the US it has been dubbed “hillbilly heroin” because of the high level of addiction in rural communities. Its popularity is partly down to the fact that it is cheap and easy to get hold of and it offers a powerful “hit” that is similar to that of heroin.

Is Oxycodone a new drug?

Oxycodone’s potency is similar to that of morphine and it has an opiate effect that is quite similar. It’s not a new drug – in fact, the addictive and euphoric properties of Oxycodone have been well documented since the 1920s. It differs from morphine in that it is a drug time-released drug, which allows patients who are in pain to feel the benefit over 24 hours.

Abuse of this sustained-release drug is a relatively new phenomenon linked to strong variants of the drug being available, such as the trademarked  OxyContin. Pills are crushed up, which destroys the slow-release aspect of the drug. The powder is then snorted, smoked or injected, enabling a heroin-type high for the user.

As a result, Oxycodone abuse has become an epidemic in the United States in recent years, with opioid overdoses being one of the leading causes of death. The pharmaceutical industry, which has made billions of dollars off these painkillers, has been heavily criticised for its role in promoting the drug and downplaying its addictive properties. In response, there have been efforts to crack down on over-prescribing and increase awareness of the dangers of these drugs. However, the problem persists and continues to affect countless individuals and families across the country. It serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences that can result from addiction and the importance of early intervention and treatment.

What risks are associated with oxycodone?

Many users of oxycodone, experience a range of health side effects, even when the drug is used as prescribed by a doctor. These can include nausea, vomiting, sweating, dizziness, headache and fatigue. More dangerous and acute side effects of the drug can include shallow breathing, shortness of breath, slow pulse, seizures and blackouts.

How dangerous is oxycodone?

The drug has been linked to hundreds of deaths in the USA in recent years and the drug is now seen as the most commonly abused prescription drug in the United States. There have also been a number of deaths in the UK as well, with the first fatality being recorded in 2002. Unfortunately, more British deaths are expected.

Is oxycodone legal to use in the UK?

Oxycodone is controlled under the Misuse Of Drugs Act and is classified as a Class A drug. This means that possession of the drug when it has not been prescribed for you could result in community service or up to 7 years in prison.

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This post was originally published in January 2022 and has been updated since.

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