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Lloyds Pharmacy Drug Test Review

Lloyds Pharmacy is a well known chemist and pharmacy chain that has over 1800 branches all around the country. Although it has a diverse and varied product range, we could not find an own-brand Lloyds Pharmacy drug test when we searched in-store or online. Instead, the company seems to focus on one multi-panel urine drug test, the SELFCheck Multi Drug Test.

So, what do you get when you buy this Lloyds Pharmacy drug test?

The Lloyds Pharmacy drug test is actually a six panel urine drug test that has been designed to screen for six, common drugs of abuse. These drugs are:

Amphetamines (AMP)
Benzodiazepines (BZD)
Cannabis (THC)
Cocaine (COC)
Heroin / Opiates (OPI)
Methamphetamine (MET)

This drug test retails online and in-store at £14.99 for 1 pack containing 1 test. This is quite expensive when compared to similar tests that are sold online. If you buy two tests, it does work out a bit cheaper as they take 20% off of the price. To get free delivery when buying on their website, you would need to buy 3 of these tests in order to get to the £35 minimum order value.

How Accurate is This Drug Test?

We checked the packaging of this product but could no see any information as to the accuracy or reliability of the drug tests. We also could not see any mention of drug test cut-off levels on either the front or the back of the packaging.

How Long Can Drugs Be Detected For Using This Test?

This is a urine drug test which means that it is one of the best types of test for detecting usage of a drug over recent weeks, and possibly months. The time period will vary for each drug. For example:

Cannabis stays in your system for a long time. Normally the drug is only detectable in urine for about 30 days. But, in extreme cases it can be detected up to 90 days after last being used. Cocaine does not stay long in your system and it can only be detected in urine up to seven days after last use. Finally, Benzodiazepines can also only be detected over a short period of time, normally 2-14 days.

Is There A Cheaper Alternative To This Test?

The Zoom Testing 7 Panel Drug Test would be the most obvious alternative to the Lloyds Pharmacy Drug Test. It checks for all six of the same drugs and also include methadone as a seventh drug. This test has been proven to be reliable and is CE marked for clinical use. In terms of cost, it is also a bargain coming in at £7.49 per test, less than half of the cost of the Lloyds Pharmacy drug test kit.

In Conclusion

So, can we recommend this drug test kit from Lloyds? In fairness, probably not. It may well be a reliable test but it is really expensive in comparison to a similar test from Zoom Testing. In these tough economic times, it is the cheaper alternative that is the better option.

Potential Issues with the Lloyds Pharmacy Drug Test

The Lloyds Pharmacy drug test seems like a convenient option for those looking to test for drug use at home. However, there are some potential issues to consider before purchasing this test:

No Information on Accuracy or Cut-off Levels
Unfortunately, Lloyds Pharmacy does not provide any information about the accuracy of this drug test or the cut-off levels used. This makes it difficult to determine how reliable the results will be. More transparency on these details would be useful for customers.

Only Tests for 6 Drugs
While the test screens for common drugs like cannabis, cocaine, and amphetamines, it does not check for other substances like MDMA/ecstasy, LSD or prescription medications. Individuals wanting to test more comprehensively for drug use may need to purchase a test with a wider substance panel.

Higher Cost Than Alternatives
At £14.99 per test, this kit is more expensive than competitive options on the market. The Zoom Testing 7 Panel Drug Test screens for 7 drugs at around half the price. Those looking to save money may want to explore other choices.

Must Buy Multiple Tests for Free Delivery
To qualify for free delivery from, 3 tests must be purchased to meet the £35 order minimum. This further increases costs, especially for individuals who may only need one or two tests.

No Information on Sample Collection/Testing Procedures
The product description does not include instructions on how to properly collect and test the urine sample. This information is critical to ensure accurate results. The lack of guidance could lead to user errors during the testing process.

Including more specifics on accuracy, cut-offs, collection, and testing methodology in the product description would improve transparency and help customers make informed purchasing choices. While convenient, potential buyers should weigh up all factors carefully before selecting this particular drug testing kit.

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This post was originally published in December 2019 and has been updated since.

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