Drugs in Bedfordshire

£2m Spent Weekly on Cocaine and Cannabis in Bedfordshire

New research, compiled by Bedfordshire Police has revealed that the amount of money spent each week on illegal drugs in the county.  According to figures, compiled from more than 100 partners, the sales of cannabis and cocaine are estimated to be worth £2m per week. A million pounds is spent on cannabis and another million on cocaine.

Drugs are available 24/7 in the county and the supply is not just limited to urban towns. Rural communities have also been influenced by the ample supply of drugs.

Evidence does seem to support the claim that drugs are in ample supply in the county. In 2016, Bedfordshire police seized 700Kg of drugs from a warehouse in Sandy.

There are 34,000 drug user in Bedfordshire, according to the police estimates. This equates to 9% of all adults between 16 and 59 years in the county.

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County Lines Drugs Gangs Are Thriving

The prevalence of so-called “county lines” drugs gangs continue to be a problem for police. High profile incidents of violence, linked to the supply of illegal drugs, are another challenge for authorities.  According to Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Lay the drug market in the UK is thriving. In the last week alone, 600 suspected members of UK drugs gangs have been picked up by police.

Photo Credit: Bedfordshire Police

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This post was originally published in May 2019.

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