Can You Buy A Drugs Tests At Boots?

Buying a Boots Drug Test Kit for Home Testing

Boots is one of the biggest health retailers in the UK. The company has over 2,500 shops in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It’s shops vary is size from small pharmacies to big health and beauty stores. You can buy all sorts of home health tests in their many shops. So we went searching for a Boots Drug Test Kit.

Can you buy a Boots Drug Test Kit?

In short, you cannot buy a Boots Drug Test Kit at this present time. We looked in store and we also did an online search. In both cases, we could not find the existence of a Boots Drug Test Kit.

Buying a Home Drug Test on the High Street

We were quite surprised to find that Boots do not offer a home drug testing kit, even in its larger stores. However, they are not alone. Some of the other larger chemists and pharmacies do not seem to offer anything either.

Our research showed that only two of the big pharmacy chains offer a home drug testing kit that you can buy on the high street. Even in these cases, you will need to be in one of the larger branches to ensure that they have a kit in stock.

The Lloyds Pharmacy Drug Test Kit is actually branded and sold as the SELFCheck Multi Drug Test. This same test is also available at Superdrug. Once again, you will need to go to the big stores if you want to ensure that you can pick one up when you call in. Small branches are unlikely to stock drug tests.

How To Get A Drug Test Quickly

If you can’t get a drug testing kit on the high street, and need to get hold of one quickly, your only option will be to buy one online. At Zoom Testing we offer a wide range of drug testing kits. Order before 4pm and we will dispatch same day.

We offer first class post and next day options on all deliveries.  Our product range includes single and multi-panel urine drug testing kits and saliva drug testing kits. Single drug test kits are the cheapest option if you are only wanting to screen for one drug. Good examples of these are cannabis drug testing kits or cocaine drug testing kits.

With such an extensive range of professional drug testing kits, you will be sure to be able to find a kit that suits your specific requirements.

Buying Drug Tests Online

Purchasing drug test kits online offers several advantages compared to trying to buy them in store. The two main benefits are convenience and choice.

When you buy online, you don’t have to visit multiple pharmacies to try and find a kit in stock. You can browse at your leisure, compare products, and purchase everything you need from the comfort of your home. We offer fast dispatch options to get your order delivered quickly.

The range of drug testing kits available online is vastly superior to what you will find on the high street. We stock single drug kits for drugs like cannabis and cocaine. Our multi panel kits can test for up to 12 substances from one sample. Saliva drug testing is also available.

How To Order

To buy from our website, first browse our range of products. Add the kits you require to your cart. After checkout, we will dispatch your order quickly. We offer a next day delivery upgrade during checkout.

First class post is included as standard on all orders. This means delivery in 1-3 days on regular orders.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit and debit cards. The payment process is secure and handled by Stripe. Other options are PayPal and bank transfer. Get in touch if you would like to pay by BACS.


While it may be tempting to try and grab a drug testing kit while out shopping, buying online is a much better option. The convenience, choice, and fast delivery make purchasing tests online straightforward. Visit our shop today to browse our unrivalled range.

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Zoom Testing is a leading UK drug testing company and a supplier of Drug Test Kits.

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