Using Ccocaine Wipes in public places

Using Cocaine Wipes in Public Places

Cocaine is a drug that is everywhere… in the UK alone, use of the drug had risen dramatically in recent years. And use of the drug is not just restricted to homes. Owners and managers of pub, clubs and public areas are all having to be vigilant and to make sure that their premise are not being used for public drug use. Using cocaine wipes in public places has become an interesting and informative exercise. It has allowed us to determine where drug use is taking place. Many journalists now have taken to the streets to find out if cocaine use is happening on their doorstep!

In this article, we look at some of the places where cocaine use has been discovered, just by using cocaine wipes!

National History Museum, Dublin

Irish radio show, Newstalk Breakfast recently carried out an investigation into drug use in Dublin, using cocaine wipes to determine which pubs and public buildings had been used for drug taking. A small team used our cocaine wipes to test surfaces around the city. Because cocaine is a big problem in pubs and clubs, they tested 15 drinking establishments. They also tested 5 public places.

The results were interesting. 10 of the 15 bars were found to have traces of cocaine after the toilets were tested. 2 of the 5 public buildings that were tested also gave a positive result. These were the Natural History Museum and Heuston Railway Station.

Norwich Bus Station

Alan Partridge would not be happy to hear that cocaine use seems to be rife in his home town bus station. We provided cocaine wipes to a journalist from the Eastern Daily Press so that they could check where drugs such as cocaine were being used locally. As well as the bus station, the report found cocaine residue in the cathedral, railway station, magistrates court and the Forum.

The House Of Commons

Yes, even the home of British government does not seem to be safe from illegal use of cocaine. Once again, Zoom Testing was in contact with a journalist that was investigating the use of drugs in parliamentary buildings. His article was published in June 2019 and showed evidence of drug use in bathrooms at the home of our government, all by using cocaine wipes.

In December 2021, the Sunday Times carried out a similar investigation which concluded that cocaine use was “rife”┬áin both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine was a groundbreaking documentary which appeared on TV in 2017. In the show, the celebrity chef exposed the wide use of cocaine that is occurring in public places. He even found traces of the drug in his own restaurant!

Football Grounds

In 2022, UK lawmakers set new punishments for football fans who use drugs on match days after a big change in the law. Those caught with or supplying class A drugs at football grounds will be banned from attending games for as long as ten years.

According to alarming statistics, cocaine use is on the rise and has been directly linked to violence in and around football grounds. A member of parliament recently stated that some stadium toilets looked like ‘launderettes’ with white powder everywhere.

In December, reporter Liam Coleman was offered cocaine outside a Brighton match, while lines had been ‘stacked’ on top of toilet roll holders at Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea.

The Emirates Stadium found traces of cocaine on top of toilets and an empty drug bag on the floor of a cubicle at Manchester City’s stadium.

In the study 44 out of 58 swabbed cubicles at Man City, Spurs, Brighton, Chelsea, and Arsenal tested positive for cocaine after being swabbed with a cocaine detection wipe.

Chevening House

White powder was discovered at Chevening House in December 2022, the residence of the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Traces of suspected cocaine were found on the premises.

Chevening House, located in Sevenoaks, Kent, is a mansion and estate used as a country retreat by the Prime Minister and their family while they are in office. Built in 1617, it is one of the oldest and most famous residences of its kind in the country.

The discovery was made by cleaners employed at the estate who have reported finding powdery substances in some of the rooms, which tested positive for cocaine.

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This post first appeared in January 2020 and was last updated in December 2022.

Photo by Tom Cleary on Unsplash

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