Traces of suspected cocaine found at former British Prime Minister Liz Truss's residence

Traces of Suspected Cocaine Found at Former PM’s Residence

According to the Guardian, traces of a suspected class A drug were found at a government grace-and-favour home following parties attended by Liz Truss’ political allies. In the days leading up to Truss’s victory in the leadership contest, sources discovered white powder on the Chevening estate. According to a staff member, they tested the powder using a drug wipe that alters colour when it comes into contact with cocaine. The wipes produced a blue colour. These results indicated that cocaine was present in the powder.

How Does A Cocaine Wipe Work?

Cocaine Surface Wipes are designed to be highly accurate and can detect trace amounts of cocaine with a high degree of accuracy. This makes them an ideal tool for law enforcement and other entities that may need to test for cocaine in a variety of environments.

Cocaine surface wipes are an invaluable tool for testing for cocaine in public places. They provide an easy and efficient way to detect the presence of cocaine on surfaces, and the colour change makes it easy to identify the presence of the drug. Cocaine surface wipes are an important part of any drug testing process, and are a crucial tool for ensuring that surfaces are free from illegal substances.

Cocaine is a Class A Drug

In the U.K., cocaine is classified as a Class A drug, alongside heroin, crack cocaine, and other illicit drugs, carrying the harshest penalties. A prison sentence of up to seven years or an unlimited fine is possible for those found guilty of possession. Life sentences can be imposed on those who produce or supply the drug.

The revelation has raised serious questions about the use of the official residence by ministers for private functions. In addition, it has raised serious questions about the security procedures in place to prevent the use of drugs on the premises.

Both the House of Commons and the House of Lords were found to be “rife” with cocaine use in December 2021, according to a Sunday Times investigation at the time.

No evidence suggests Truss used the drug or that she or her partners would have been aware of its presence or use. As of now, the Guardian is not aware of who is responsible for the alleged white powder deposits.

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