What Drugs Are Tested For By A Home Drug Test?

What Drugs Are Tested For By A Home Drug Test?

There are a number of home drug tests available and figuring out which one is the “right” test to buy and which drugs it tests for can be a bit tricky. The majority of drug kits test from 3 to 5 drugs, however there are some that test up to 13 different drugs and some can even test for tobacco and alcohol use.

Listed below are the drugs that are usually tested for in a home drug test kit. Most of these drugs are illegal for use in the UK and are classified as Class A, B or C drugs by the home office.

Methamphetamine and/or Ecstasy:

Irrespective of their current names on the street, these recreational drugs can be tested for with a home drug test. Some of the street names used for drugs in this category include Beans, Molly, Ice, Chalk, Crank or MDMA. Originally popular as a drug associated with the rave scene in the 1980’s and 1990’s, ecstasy has seen a revival in use in recent years. Dangerous variants of the drug have also emerged. Super strength ecstasy has emerged and a major health concern as people can die from taking ecstasy.

THC – Cannabis

Also known as marijuana, grass or weed, in the UK, cannabis is the most used illegal drug, even though its use has declined in recent years. Cannabis belongs to a group of drugs known as depressants. This category of drugs is one of the three main categories of drugs.


Using and abusing opiates is one of the biggest concerns today, be it in prescription pill form or the highly potent variety found on the streets. The great news is that home drug tests can reveal opiate use in the form of morphine, oxycodone, codeine and heroin.


It’s now worryingly more common for students, mums and working professionals to use amphetamine stimulants. Meds like Ritalin and Adderall become very popular at finals time, when mothers want to shed a few pounds to reach their pre-baby weight target or when a deadline is quickly approaching. Once prescribed and used as directed, these stimulants are perfectly safe, however the potential to abuse them remains high.


With the new drugs that are always popping up with their own concerns, these two drugs seem to have fallen out of the limelight. But people are still using them; therefore it makes perfect sense that they be tested for using a home drug test kit.


Numerous drug users take benzodiazepines to maintain and extend the “high” they get from other drugs like amphetamines, cocaine and heroin. The biggest source of illegal benzodiazepines comes from prescriptions from doctors.


Sometimes called “fake weed”, spice is in reality a plant or herb that was sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids which results in a high that is similar to that from smoking weed. Spice use is rife in many UK cities. Many inmates are also smoking spice in UK prisons, with over half of prisoners in the UK using the drug on a regular basis.

Where to Buy a Home Drug Test Kit

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