Can A Test Kit Identify Party Drugs

Can A Test Kit Identify Party Drugs?

A presumptive drugs screen kit is a test used to identify any substance or powder that has been identified as being a possible drug of abuse. This type of kit identifies the residue and gives a clear positive or negative identification of the drug. For example, a publican may find white powder on a table in his pub. He suspects that it is cocaine. By using a cocaine identification kit, he can test a sample of the powder and will know within minutes if the powder he has found is, or is not, cocaine.

Presumptive drug test kits are suitable for use by professionals who need to rapidly identify a suspect substance. Often these types of kits will only identify one specific drug – such as cannabis or cocaine. However, these kinds fo kits can also identify a number of similar drugs with one test.

The Zoom Testing general identification drug screen will  detect a number of different types of “party drugs” in one test. This is a useful test to employ when trying to identify a sample without any knowledge of what the drug could be a this test will screen 10 different substances at one time.

Drugs that are screened for by the party drugs identification test:

  • Amphetamine – often known as speed, this drug is a potent central nervous system (CNS) stimulant.
  • Barbiturates – are synthetic substances that act as depressants of the central nervous system. These prescription drugs prescription drugs are often abused.
  • Cocaine –  another highly addictive stimulant that is one of the most frequently used drugs of abuse in the UK. Often screened for with Cocaine Drug Testing Kits.
  • Ephedrine –  this drug is often found in over-the-counter medicines to treat congestion and asthma. It is often abused for its stimulant qualities.
  • Heroin – this opioid drug is commonly abused and is highly addictive, being three times stronger than morphine.
  • MDMA – more commonly known as Ecstasy, MDMA is is enjoying a resurgence in popularity in the UK as a party drug.
  • Methamphetamines –  a similar drug to amphetamine, this drug is also called meth, crystal, chalk, and ice.
  • Mescaline –  in powder form, this substance is classified as a Class A drug in the UK. This psychedelic drug is similar in its effect to LSD.
  • Methaqualone – this central nervous system depressant is used worldwide as a recreational drug.
  • Oxycodone –  is a strong opioid drug, designed for pain relief. It is also commonly abused.

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