Where to Buy Amphetamines Drug Tests

Zoom Testing is one of the top suppliers of drug test kits in the UK.  The company provides drugs testing kits to both private and professional customers, as well as the NHS and the UK Prison Service.

Buy Amphetamines Tests

Amphetamines tests from Zoom Testing are remarkably dependable, made to meet or exceed international standards of quality.  When you buy amphetamines tests from Zoom Testing, you are from a company that has been in the drug testing business for many years.  Zoom Testing has resources for advice and assistance, which is why Zoom Testing should be your one stop whenever you need to buy amphetamines tests.

Buy Amphetamines Tests – Urine Drug Test Kits

Urine tests are the most widely used type of tests for amphetamines.  The main active compound in amphetamine is detectable in the urine by an amphetamines tests for several days after use.  The internationally recognised standard sensitivity is 1000 nanograms of amphetamine per millilitre of urine.

When you buy an amphetamines drug test, the kit includes a sample dropper and a test cassette.  After the urine sample is collected, three drops are dropped into the cassette well. Results are available in 5 minutes and are very accurate.

Zoom Testing offers single test kits for just amphetamines, as well as kits that test for multiple substances, including amphetamines.

Buy Amphetamines Tests – Urine Drug Test Kits

You can also buy amphetamines test kits that detect the drug in the saliva.  With these tests, a swab is is moistened by saliva in the mouth for three minutes. The moistened swab is put into the collection chamber of the drug test kit.  Results are available in nine minutes.

Zoom Testing has several drug test kits for saliva.  The best saliva drug test kits that include the saliva test for amphetamines are the multi-drug saliva test kits that test for four and seven drugs.

Buy Amphetamines Tests – Next Day Delivery

Zoom Testing ships all drug tests directly from our facility located in the East Midlands.  Most orders are shipped same day, via 1st Class Royal Mail or FedEx. All orders are shipped in plain wrapping to protect customer privacy. Zoom Testing strives to provide only the most accurate, easy to use and economical drug testing kits with fast and easy to understand results.

Photo Credit: Seppi333 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons