‘Ecstasy: The Battle of Rave’: Origins of the Rave and Ecstasy Era in the UK

‘Ecstasy: The Battle of Rave’: Origins of the Rave and Ecstasy Era in the UK

A new 12-part podcast written by Danny Brocklehurst and titled ‘Ecstasy: The Battle of Rave’ has just been released by the BBC. Presented by Chris Warburton, a popular BBC radio presenter, this series centres on the U.K.’s history of rave and ecstasy. In this podcast Chris investigates the arrival of the rave scene during the late 1980s and into the early 1990s.

This half-documentary half-dramatized podcast is a combination of factual and dramatised episodes which explores the background behind the domination of acid house and the popular rave drug through a series of interviews with DJs, ravers, dealers, and other key players.

The ‘Ecstasy: The Battle of Rave’ series takes listeners on a music tour of the era with a specially curated soundtrack by Graeme Park, beginning with Chicago house influences and travelling through British acid house staples.

Danny Brocklehurst described ‘Ecstasy: The Battle of Rave’ as the story of how crime, youth culture and policing was changed by ecstasy in Britain during the 1980s. Brocklehurst stated that the story speaks about issues much larger than one single drug, adding that he has wanted to tell the story of this epic battle for a long time.

Listen here for ‘Ecstasy: The Battle of Rave

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