UK Drug Testing News | 14th April 2023

Welcome to UK Drug Testing News. We have compiled a selection of the most engaging news stories and articles about drugs and drug testing this week from across the UK and Europe. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any drug testing services you may require.


Rise in Alcohol Addiction in Over 50s

With You, a charity that supports adults struggling with substance abuse, has observed an increase in the number of people over 50 reporting unhealthy relationships with alcohol. A 67-year-old man named John sought help from the charity after his wife passed away 18 months ago, and is now more than 90 days abstinent. In 2016, Drink Wise, conducted a study, which identified the various issues that lead people to turn to drink. Watch the video here.

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Photo: Cambridgeshire Police

Police Use Heineken Can and Lightbulb to Catch Cannabis Farmer Behind £2m Drug Factory

A cannabis farmer, Ardit Pali, has been linked to two factories containing drugs worth up to £2m after his fingerprints and DNA were found on a Heineken beer can and a lightbulb. Pali was sentenced to 20 months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of producing a class B drug. The factories, in Warboys near Huntingdon and Sandy in Bedfordshire, contained a total of approximately 2,556 cannabis plants.

Man Arrested for Selling Drug-laced Crisps
Photo: West Midlands Police

Man Arrested for Selling Drug-laced Crisps

A 19-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly selling packets of crisps laced with drugs, which may have been sold to children. The snacks were seized from a property in Wolverhampton during a police raid, along with cash and additional drugs. Officers also believe the suspect sold knives to children under the age of 18. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of the unlawful marketing of a knife and possession with intent to supply cannabis. Police have issued a warning to parents about cannabis edibles, which look and smell like normal snacks and can be particularly appealing to young people.

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Photo: Essex Police

Essex Police will begin testing adults arrested for crimes in the area for cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin use if officers believe Class A drugs have played a role in the offence. The force believes that there is a clear link between drug use and violent crime, including domestic abuse and night-time violence. Saliva tests to detect Class A drug use will be deployed in Essex Police custody suites from 1 April 2023.

Cocaine drug tests are used to detect the presence of cocaine in an individual’s system and help identify who is likely to be at risk of developing a dependence on the drug. Zoom Testing supply a wide range of drug testing kits for cocaine.


Photo: Durham Constabulary

Police Officers Trained to Use Overdose Antidote

Police in County Durham have administered potentially life-saving treatment for drug overdoses to 34 people using Naloxone, a drug that temporarily counteracts the effects of opiates such as fentanyl, heroin and methadone. Funded by Durham County Council, Naloxone is already used by the NHS, North East Ambulance Service and regional drug services. Police officers will now receive additional training in using Naloxone, while an alternative nasal spray has also been introduced.

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