Buy Cocaine Tests

Buy Cocaine Tests

For drug testing kits, a leading supplier in the UK is Zoom Testing, both within the professional and private sectors. Zoom Testing is also a nominated supplier to the NHS and UK Prison Service. For anyone seeking to buy cocaine tests, Zoom Testing can discreetly and quickly get your cocaine test kit to you whether you are an individual or an organisation.

You can be assured that drug tests from Zoom Testing meet international quality standards, and are highly reliable. Whenever you buy cocaine tests, you can be assured that the company will stand behind their product, as they have been supplying drug tests for several years. Advice and help is available to you from Zoom Testing. When you wish to buy cocaine tests, Zoom Testing should be considered your first choice.

Buy Cocaine Tests – Urine Drug Test Kits

Urine drug test are the most widely used and most popular tests used for cocaine. Cocaine itself is only detectable in urine for a few hours after being used. However, Benzoylecgonine, the hydrolytic degradation product of cocaine, can be detected in urine for three to four hours after cocaine usage.

Because Benzoylecgonine is normally detectable in urine for anywhere up to 2-5 days after usage, a simple urine test is able to determine if there is any in your system. The internationally recognized standard for a cocaine urine testing is 300 mg/ml, and should be the sensitivity/cut-off level of any urine drug test kit.

Within a drug test kit, you will find a sample dropper and a cassette. Three drops of a urine sample are placed within the small well of the cassette. The results can be read in as little as five minutes and are extremely accurate.

When you buy cocaine tests, they are available as part of a kit to test multiple drugs, or you can buy cocaine tests that are single drug test kits.

Buy Cocaine Tests – Saliva Drug Test Kits

Another way to detect cocaine is through your saliva. When using a saliva type drug test, the inside of the mouth is swabbed, allowing the saliva to moistened swab for approximately 3 minutes. This swab is then inserted into a collection chamber of the saliva drug testing kit. The results from the test can be read approximately 9 minutes later.

Zoom Testing has several saliva-based drug tests available for purchase. For testing saliva for cocaine, the seven drug test kit and the four drug test kit seem to be the most popular choices purchased by cocaine test users.

Buy Cocaine Tests – Next Day Delivery

We are located in the East Midlands, and all Zoom Testing drug tests are directly shipped from our premises. We ship all orders the same day, whenever possible. We use FedEx and First class Royal Mail for our shipments. In order to be discreet, all shipments are shipped in plain packaging, ensuring the user of privacy.