Buy Drug Testing Kits in London

Buy Drug Testing Kits in London

To buy drug testing kits in London, many residents of the capital choose Zoom Testing. Since 2007, Zoom Testing has been supplying drug testing kits, not only for London residents, but for the whole country as well. We specialise in providing drug test kits for companies as well as individuals. Besides providing test kits for private customers and major companies in London,  Zoom Testing supplies drug testing kits to the NHS and HM Prisons.

The majority of customers that buy drug testing kits in London, choose between two specific drug test kits – urine drug test kits and saliva drug test kits.

We provide drug testing kits in London that can test for most common drugs of abuse.

Urine Drug Test Kits

Known commonly as a urine drug screening test, a urine drug test, test for the presence of specific illegal drugs and prescription medications that can be found in the urine. These tests are able to detect up to 18 of the most commonly abused drugs that are being abused throughout the UK and in London at this time.

Urine drug test kits can be purchased as a single drug test or as a multiple drug test. With a single drug test you would be testing for one particular drug such as cannabis or cocaine or one of the other commonly abused drugs. With a multi-panel drug test kit you can check for a number of drugs all at the same time, which of course is convenient when trying to decipher which drugs may be in use. The multi-panel drug test kit is most commonly used by drug clinics in London.

The single urine drug test kit comes with a cassette and a sample dropper. After collecting a sample of urine the dropper is used to place three drops of urine into the well of the cassette. Highly accurate results can be achieved and can be read in as little as five minutes. When using a multi-kit, most often a dip and read method is employed. With this method the drug test is dipped into the sample of urine and the results become available a short time later.

Saliva Drug Test Kits

When using a saliva drug test, what you are actually doing is testing for small traces of drugs within your saliva. You have probably heard of these tests commonly being called drug swab tests. Many prefer using saliva drug test kits over the use of urine test kits because they are less intrusive. Saliva drug kits are very easy to use and like the urine test results are available in minutes. One of the drawbacks of using saliva drug test kits is they tend to be more expensive and unfortunately the time-frame in which they can detect a drug is considerably less than the time-frame in which drugs can be detected in a urine test.

Zoom Testing has the ability to supply London and the rest of the country with all their drug testing needs. Orders are normally shipped on the same day they are ordered and expected delivery to any address in London would be the next day. We post all orders with first-class mail. You can buy drug testing kits in London from Zoom Testing in complete confidence as all our orders are sent out in plain packing.

Drug Support Groups in London

Addaction Brent
Those that live in the Brent area may find this charity can help with drug and alcohol related issues. As well as a drop in service, Addaction can also help with referrals to other support services. Advice information and support are offered to families and carers of young people with drug and alcohol issues.

Blenheim CDP
This charity provides support services for drug & alcohol users, families and carers.

RAPt (the Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust)
Works to help people with drug and alcohol dependence to achieve and maintain positive and fulfilling drug-free and crime-free lives.

The Nehemiah Project
This South London based project is a Christian charity that works with men who are recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. If you need their help, the project is open to all men who want to change their lives, regardless of faith.

Practical and emotional support is offered to men, as well as help with day-to-day practical issues. The aim is to help men stay free from drugs and crime. Supported housing can be offered too.

Westminster Drug Project
This charity is committed to helping all those who are affected by drug and alcohol use.

If you need advice on drug issues, or are looking to buy drug testing kits in London, please feel free to contact any of the charities listed above for help. Please contact us directly, if you are an individual or company that is looking to buy drug testing kits in London. We have many years of experience in this industry. We have the expertise and ability to answer most of your drug test questions right here in house.

Why Drug Test?

There are many reasons why individuals or companies may want to perform drug testing. For individuals, it could be to ensure their loved ones are not abusing substances. For employers, regular drug screening helps maintain a safe, productive workplace free of impairment. Some key benefits of drug testing include:

  • Deterring drug use and increasing workplace safety
  • Complying with regulations in certain industries
  • Supporting employees struggling with substance abuse
  • Identifying individuals who need help or treatment

Whatever the motivation, having access to reliable, high-quality drug testing kits is crucial.

Types of Drug Tests

While this post focuses on urine and saliva testing, it’s worth noting there are other methods like hair follicle and blood testing. Each option has pros and cons regarding detection windows, ease of use, and costs. For example:

  • Urine tests are economical but have a relatively short detection window
  • Saliva tests are non-invasive but drugs clear the system quickly
  • Hair follicle tests have a long detection window but are more expensive
  • Blood tests show very recent use but are invasive

The ideal test depends on your specific goals and policies. Consulting drug testing experts can help determine the right approach.

Specimen Collection

Proper specimen collection is vital for accurate results, whether testing urine or saliva. Zoom Testing’s drug test kits come with clear instructions to ensure the integrity of the sample. Here are some quick tips:

  • For urine tests, use a clean, leak-proof container
  • For saliva, follow directions exactly and avoid foods/drinks before testing
  • Never try to submit a substituted or adulterated sample
  • Handle specimens with care to avoid contamination

Following the procedures helps protect against false results that could have major consequences. Testing staff should be properly trained.

After the Test

Once the specimen is collected and tested, the next steps depend on the outcome. Negative results often require no further action. However, non-negative results will likely prompt additional testing at a professional lab to confirm use.

For individuals, a positive result may indicate the need for open communication, counseling, or treatment programs. Companies should have clear policies in place for employees who test positive, focusing on legal compliance and facilitating access to support resources.

Responsible drug testing programs emphasize accountability but also prioritize health, safety, and providing a supportive environment.

Get High-Quality Drug Tests Today

If you need drug testing kits in London for personal or professional use, Zoom Testing is here to help. Our wide range of affordable urine and saliva drug tests can detect virtually any substance, allowing you to make informed decisions. Orders shipped quickly with discreet packaging.

Don’t let substance abuse issues go unchecked – purchase reliable drug testing supplies from the experts at Zoom Testing. Contact us today to get started. Your health, safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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Zoom Testing is a leading UK drug testing company and a supplier of Drug Test Kits.

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