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Looking to Buy Drug Testing Kits in Glasgow? Since 2007, Zoom Testing has been providing drug test kits throughout the city, specialising in drug test kits for companies as well as individuals. Zoom Testing also provides drug testing kits for many of the major hospitals and NHS trusts.

With years of experience, Zoom Testing offers the very best in drug screening kits. Whatever situations are needed, they will give you the best quality for your needs with the greatest of accuracy and with the highest level of confidence.

Can You Buy Drug Testing Kits From Shops in Glasgow?

Recently, some newspapers have been carrying stories that report the sale of drug testing kits in chemists and pharmacies in England and Scotland.

Although some retailers have been trialling the sale of drug testing kits in their shops, it has so far been just a limited number of stores that have been selling them. These shops have mainly been independent chemists and pharmacies.

What if I Can’t Find a Drug Testing Kit in a Glasgow Shop?

If you’re having trouble finding a drug testing kit in a local Glasgow pharmacy or chemist, don’t despair! You have plenty of options for getting the test you need quickly and discreetly. Online retailers like Zoom Testing offer a wide selection of high-quality, reliable drug test kits that can be shipped directly to your door, often arriving the very next day.

Buying online gives you access to a much larger variety of testing options compared to what’s available in stores. Whether you need a simple cannabis test or a comprehensive 12-panel screen, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for without having to trek all over the city. Plus, online prices are often significantly lower than what you’d pay in a shop.

So if you strike out locally, remember that with a quick online order, you can still get the accurate, trustworthy drug test you need, right when you need it. Don’t let limited local availability stop you from getting answers to important questions about your health and well-being.

Can You Buy a Drug Testing Kit in Boots or Superdrug in Glasgow?

The bigger chains have been slow to start selling drug tests on the high street. Currently, if you are looking for a Boots Drug Testing Kit, you are going to be disappointed. This large healthcare chain does not sell drug tests.

Superdrug sell a multi-panel drug test called the SELFcheck Multi-drug Test Kit. If you are looking for a Lloyds Pharmacy Drug Test you will find that they also sell this same, multi drug test. Both tests can be bought online. You would need to check locally if they are sold in store.

Although it might be handy if you can pick up the SELFcheck test in Glasgow, you will find that it is expensive. Typically you will be paying £14.49 or £14.99 for a one test kit. The Zoom Testing 7 Panel Drug Test is a direct equivalent to this test and can be bought from our store for £7.49, with a next day delivery option.

In Glasgow it is still not know if you can buy a drug testing kit over the counter in an independent chemist. Sales of such kits are still, in the main, restricted to the Internet. Zoom Testing supplies many customers in Glasgow, precisely because hey can ship very quickly to the city. Because most orders are shipped out same day, most customers in Glasgow should be able to receive a drug test kit within 24-48 hours of ordering.

What Type of Drug Test Kits Can You Buy in Glasgow?

Most customers that come to Zoom Testing, both businesses and personal, want accurate results, choosing one of the two most popular types of drug testing kits:

Urine Drug Test Kits

Also referred to as Urine Drug Screen Tests, this kit detects the presences of illegal and prescription drugs. A urine drug test can detect up to twelve of the most commonly used drugs in Glasgow and the UK. This includes both prescribed and abused drugs.

Urine Drug Tests can be supplied as either singular or through multi-drug tests. A single test is designed to screen one specific type of drug, such as Cannabis. Our other, most popular drug tests, sold to customers in Glasgow are our Cocaine Drug Test Kit and Heroin Drug Test.

Multi Panel Drug Test are the most common and preferred form of testing for drugs. A simple 3 panel drug test can screen from cannabis, cocaine and amphetamine. Larger tests include the 12 Panel Drug Test Kit which screens for up to twelve drugs at the same time. This latter test even detects alcohol.

Saliva Drug Test Kits

Another popular drug test is called the Saliva Drug Test. The testing takes place through a submission of one’s saliva. This test is also known as a Drug Swab Test. This test is extremely easy to administer and the results are available quickly and accurately.

In many cases, the saliva drug test is preferred because it’s not as intrusive as a urine test. Unfortunately, the Saliva Drug Test is slightly more expensive than the Urine Drug Test. Also, the time frame in which a drug can be detected is not quite as long as with a urine test. However, a saliva drug test is the best choice for detecting is a person is under the influence of drugs at any specific time.

Our biggest selling saliva test in Glasgow in the 3 Panel Saliva Drug Test which screens for Cannabis, Cocaine and Heroin.

Drug Driving Test Kits

In 2019, the introduction of new drug driving law in Scotland. This new law gives police the authority to test for many drugs of abuse, including eight common drugs of abuse.

The new law will be something that any Glasgow company that employs drivers will need to be aware of.

The drugs that are illegal under the new law include Amphetamines (Speed), Benzoylecgonine (the metabolite which your body breaks Cocaine down into), Cannabis, Ecstasy (MDMA), Heroin, Ketamine, LSD, Methamphetamine and Valium.

For many Glasgow companies, monitoring their drivers regularly with a drug driving test kit will be even more important.

More Regarding Zoom Testing

Zoom Testing will supply drug testing kits throughout Glasgow and the rest of Scotland. Most orders ship the same day with deliveries arriving the next day. All test kits are sent by First Class Mail.

Zoom Testing is an authority on the complex issues of running drug tests. They are available to assist you with any concerns or questions regarding all aspects of drug testing in Glasgow.

Whether you are an individual or a business looking for the requirements for a drug testing kit, please feel free to contact us. Zoom Testing will help you decide which kit is the best for your situation. Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns regarding our products.

We have many years of experience in supplying the highest quality and accuracy drug tests in Glasgow. Our in-house expertise speaks for itself and we are available to answer all you drug testing questions and concerns.

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Zoom Testing is a leading UK drug testing company and a supplier of Drug Test Kits.

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