Buy Drug Testing Kits in Birmingham

Buy Drug Testing Kits in Birmingham

Many Birmingham residents choose Zoom Testing when it comes to purchasing drug testing kits in the city. Zoom Testing has been providing drug testing kits since 2007, to residents of Birmingham city, as well as the rest of the UK too. . As well as supplying big organizations and personal individuals in Birmingham with drug test kits, Zoom Testing additionally supplies the NHS and HM Prisons with drug screening supplies.

Types of Drug Tests available for purchase in Birmingham

There are majorly two kinds of drug tests that are supplied for home testing and that are sold online or in local stores all across Birmingham, Urine Drug Tests and Saliva Drug Tests.

It is uncommon to see drug tests for sale in pharmacies and chemists such as Boots and Lloyds, so many people chose to order online for a quick next day delivery from Zoom Testing.

Urine Drug Tests

A urine drug test checks for the presence of some specific illicit drugs and prescription medicines in urine. The urine drug test is most normally employed screening technique for testing the presence of medications, for example, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines and opiates. Normally, a urine drug test is capable of identifying up to 12 of the most frequently abused medications by individuals in Birmingham and the UK in general.

Urine Drug Tests are available as either single drug tests or multi-drug tests. A single drug test is intended to only check for one specific drug compound (e.g.: Cocaine). A multi-drug test will check for various drugs simultaneously, usually between 5 to 12 drugs simultaneously.

Multi-Panel Drug Tests happen to be one of the most widely recognised drug test kit in the market used in Birmingham by drug health centres because they can be used to screen for multiple drugs simultaneously, which is exceptionally helpful.

A single urine drug test kit comprises of a cassette and a sample dropper. A little urine sample is collected and three drops of urine are placed in the cassette’s well. Results show up within 5 minutes and are highly reliable. On the other hand, multi-drug test kits are usually of the “dip and read” kind – the drug test specifically is dipped into a sample of urine and results show up within a few minutes.

Saliva Drug Tests

A saliva drug test involves screening for little traces of drugs in your saliva. These kinds of drug screens are otherwise called drug swab tests. Saliva drug test kits are anything but difficult to utilize and the results appear within a couple of minutes. The saliva drug test kits is usually favored than the urine drug test kits because they are less invasive. Be that as it may, they often appear to be more costly and have shorter time duration for drug detection than urine drug test kits.

How to Use a Drug Test Kit

Using a drug test kit is pretty straightforward, but it’s important to follow the instructions carefully to ensure accurate results. Here’s a quick overview of how to use both urine and saliva drug tests:

For urine tests:

  1. Start by collecting a fresh urine sample in a clean, dry container. Make sure to get enough – usually around 30-60ml is required.
  2. Allow the urine to reach room temperature before testing, as some tests may not work properly with overly cold or hot samples.
  3. Open up the test kit and find the test strip or cassette. This is where you’ll apply the urine sample.
  4. Using the dropper or test strip holder, carefully transfer the instructed number of drops (usually 3-5) of urine onto the test area.
  5. Wait for the recommended development time, usually 5-10 minutes. Don’t leave it too long or the results may become inconsistent.
  6. Read the results, looking for the colored lines or symbols that indicate positive or negative for each drug being tested.

For saliva tests:

  1. Remove the test device from its packaging. Be careful not to get any moisture on the flat pad before you’re ready to test.
  2. Have the person being tested remove any food or liquids from their mouth for at least 10 minutes prior.
  3. Place the flat pad under the person’s tongue and have them keep it in their mouth, moving it around for the instructed amount of time – usually 2-5 minutes.
  4. Remove the test and place it on a flat surface. Wait the development time stated in the instructions, usually around 10 minutes.
  5. Read the results by checking for colored lines or symbols indicating positive or negative. Refer to the package for how to interpret the results for each specific drug tested.

No matter which type of test, always read the full instructions first and follow them exactly for the most reliable outcome. Store test kits properly, check expiration dates, and never try to use one that seems compromised or damaged.

Accuracy of Drug Tests

While drug tests are highly accurate when used properly, no test is 100% perfect. Both urine and saliva tests can potentially show false positives or false negatives due to factors like:

  • Medications or foods cross-reacting with the test
  • Test not stored or used correctly
  • Tested too soon after drug use for detection
  • Contaminants or adulterants in the sample
  • User error in administering or reading the test

Most manufacturers claim their tests are at least 99% accurate when used as directed. But it’s wise to send any unexpected positive to a certified lab for confirmation testing. This ensures the fairest, most reliable result.

Choosing Urine vs. Saliva

So which type of test – urine or saliva – is better? The answer depends on your specific needs and priorities. Urine tests tend to:

  • Detect older drug use over a wider time window
  • Be more affordable, especially for frequent testing
  • Have readily available sample collection

On the other hand, saliva tests:

  • Only detect relatively recent use
  • Are less invasive than a urine sample
  • Can’t be easily adulterated or substituted

Both tests have their advantages. Frequent workplace testing often utilises cost-effective urine cups. But saliva is ideal for quick on-site checks or parental peace of mind.

Drug Testing Kits in Birmingham

Zoom Testing can deliver drug testing kits to all parts of Birmingham and countrywide. We usually do same day shipments for every order and would anticipate same day delivery for orders within Birmingham. We deliver all orders through first class mail. Zoom Testing is the most ideal place to purchase both saliva testing and urine testing kits in Birmingham.

Drug Support Groups in Birmingham

Atlantic Recovery Centre – Dudley
The centre provides services to adults who use alcohol or drugs. We also provide services to people who suffer from dual diagnosis (substance and mental health problems), access to rehabilitation, access to inpatient detoxification and a range of recovery activities and groups aimed at supporting people to make change in their lives.

People can self refer to the centre by calling 01384 426120. and you can speak to a Recovery Worker. Or drop into Atlantic Recovery Centre and they will see you.

KIKIT is a specialist drug and alcohol support service that provides a range of services to meet the needs of vulnerable people in and around Birmingham.

153 Stratford Road
West Midlands
Birmingham B11 1AH
Phone: 0121 448 3883

Reach Out Recovery – Birmingham
Reach Out Recovery is a free and confidential drug and alcohol service for adults and affected others in Birmingham. The project offer treatment and recovery services to support anyone experiencing difficulties with drugs and/or alcohol in a range of local community settings across Birmingham. Our recovery teams are based across the city and include doctors, recovery coordinators, nurses, recovery champions, peer mentors and volunteers.

Swanswell is national alcohol and drug charity that helps people change and be happy. The organisation believes in a society free from problem alcohol and drug use. In Birmingham, Swanswell delivers part of the floating support for offenders, single people and those requiring support with mental health issues. Please contact them on 0121 633 1750 or to refer into these services.

Supporting People Service
Grenville Buildings
2nd floor
12 Cherry St
B2 5AR
T 0121 633 1750
F 0121 633 1799

Photo: “Birmingham” by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Testing

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