Buy Drug Testing Kits in Edinburgh

Buy Drug Testing Kits in Edinburgh

Residents of Edinburgh have routinely been turning to Zoom Testing for drug testing kits since the company opened for business in 2007. Zoom Testing, which supplies kits to other parts of the country outside of Edinburgh, deal with both individuals and large companies. Besides those customers, Zoom Testing also provides drug testing kits to HM Prisons and the National Health Service (NHS).

Types of Drug Tests for Sale in Edinburgh

Generally speaking, there are two types of drug tests that Zoom Testing make available in Edinburgh, and we will take a closer look at each one below.

Urine Drug Tests

As the name suggests, these kits test the urine of an individual to see if there are traces of certain medications and illegal drugs. Urine testing is the most common method, and can help find traces of cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, and opiates. There are 12 different drugs that are most commonly used in Edinburgh and other parts of the UK, and urine testing detects them all.

Testers have the option of using a single or multi-drug test kit. The former is used to screen for just a single drug, while the multi-drug kit can be used to detect anywhere from 5 to 12 different types of drugs. For the sake of convenience, clients in Edinburgh tend to adopt the multi-drug kits, as they make it easy to locate the presence of several different drugs without needing to use numerous single test kits.

Within the single urine drug test kit, you will find a sample dropper and a cassette. After the urine sample has been collected, 3 drops of urine are placed inside the cassette, with the results usually available within 5 minutes. For the multi-drug kits, a dip and read method is usually used. This means that the actual drug is dipped in the sample of urine, with those results also available in a matter of minutes.

Saliva Drug Tests

Sometimes referred to as drug swap tests, the saliva drug kits work by testing the saliva for traces of drugs. One of the benefits of the saliva tests is that they are fast and incredibly easy to use. Clients often prefer the saliva tests to the urine kits, as it is less intrusive to swab the mouth than ask for urine. While saliva tests deliver results quickly, they do tend to be a little more expensive than the urine drug test kits.

Drug Testing Kits in Edinburgh

Zoom Testing is happy to supply kits to clients in Edinburgh and the rest of the UK. Orders are shipped out on the same day, which means that clients in Edinburgh can usually expect a next day delivery in most cases. Great service and fast delivery via first class mail are just a couple of the reasons why so many clients use the services of Zoom Testing.

Drug Support Groups in Edinburgh

Addiction Recovery App (ARC)
This app was launched in 2021 and connects people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction to local support services. It informs users about live information on recovery meetings taking place across the city, as well as offering up to date links to available professional services and information about local recovery networks.

Edinburgh Alcohol & Drug Partnership
Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Partnership (EADP) is a joint venture between  NHS Lothian, Scotland Police, the City of Edinburgh Council, the third sector and those with lived experience of addiction and recovery. It is the forum where these organisations work together to make Edinburgh a city which has a healthy attitude towards drinking and where recovery from problem alcohol or drug use is a reality.

North Edinburgh Drug and Alcohol Centre
NEDAC has provided a specialist substance misuse service in the local community for 32 years. The charity believes that every individual should have the opportunity to change their lives for the better and move away from dependence on any substance. Referral to the NEDAC service is through the Social Work Alcohol,Drugs and BBV team based at the Bonnington Centre, City of Edinburgh Council, 200 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh. EH6 5NL, Tel: 0131 529 6260

Simpson House
Simpson House provides counseling and support for people affected by their own or another persons drug use. They also organise recovery support groups, recovery one to one appointments, and work with children and young people affected by parental substance use.

South East Recovery Service – Edinburgh
13 Newtoft Street
Edinburgh EH17 8RG

This group works with people in South East Edinburgh who are struggling with drug or alcohol problems and want help in moving forward with their recovery. For help and support, please call 0131 661 52 94 for a phone drop-in.

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Zoom Testing is a leading UK drug testing company and a supplier of Drug Test Kits.

This post was originally published in August 2017 and has been updated regularly since.

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