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Best Cannabis Drug Test

If you are screening for cannabis use, you will want to know which is the best cannabis drugs test. After all, you may be testing to check yourself, before an all important drugs test at work. Or you may have concerns about your child and are worried that they are being influenced into taking drugs by others.

Whatever your reason for testing, it is important that you use the best cannabis drug test for your situation. After all, the results of such a test can have life changing consequences.

So what are the best cannabis drug tests? We have selected four of the most popularly used drug tests that can all be used to give accurate drug testing results.

Single Cannabis Drug Test

If the only drug you are wanting to detect is Cannabis, then you will always be best served when using a single drug test for cannabis. This will work out the cheapest way of testing ,which is a bonus if you are testing regularly. (This is often the case when parents employ these types of tests to check that their child is staying clear of drugs)

Multi Drug Test (Including Cannabis)

A multi-drug urine test is designed to screen for a number of drugs at the same time. The smallest of such tests only have three panels and will detect the most common drugs of abuse – Cannabis, Cocaine and Heroin. Larger tests can go up to 12 panels and will detect all the different types of drugs that are commonly abused in the UK today. Generally a 5 panel or 7 panel test is sufficient for most testing environments

Multi Drug Test with Integrated Cup

Some multi drug tests come with a built in cup, which makes the collection process for urine a little bit cleaner and less likely to be tampered with. All multidrug tests of this sort will include cannabis as one of the parameters they check for. It is really as simple as choosing the cup test that works best for your circumstances. Generally we recommend a 7 drug or 10 drug cup test.

Saliva Cannabis Drug Tests

A lot of people opt for a saliva drug test when looking for the best cannabis drug test. It is easy to see why. Saliva drug testing has some advantages: collecting saliva is less intrusive than collecting urine. Also, it is much easier to check if the test is being taken properly and that the person being tested is not trying to cheat the drug test. Unlike urine tests though, saliva tests can only detect recent use of cannabis.

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This post was originally published in November 2021.

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