3 Ways to Cheat a Drug Test

When it comes to employment drug screening, the method most often used is urine drug testing. This involves asking the candidate to provide a urine specimen, which is then tested for the presence of drugs of abuse such as alcohol, cannabis or cocaine.

Occasionally, people try and cheat a urine drug test, and they do this by using one of three methods:

Cheat A Drug Test – Method 1: Dilution

This method of trying to cheat a drug test involves the donor tampering with the urine sample by adding water to it in order to decrease the concentration of drugs. Alternatively, the donor may try to over-hydrate themselves by drinking excessive amount of water before the test. Or they may use items that are available on the internet such as Mary Jane Super Clean 13 or QuickKlean, products which claim to be able to mask the results of employee drug tests.

Cheat A Drug Test – Method 2: Addition

Another way that people try and cheat a drug test is by adding something to the urine sample in order to invalidate the result. Typically, a search on the internet will unearth all manner of different substances that are claimed to be able to change a drug test result. Typically, urine samples are adulterated by the addition of substances such as apple juice, bleach, eye drops or vinegar. Chemical adulterants, which are sold on the internet, are also used.

Cheat A Drug Test – Method 3: Substitution

The third method of trying to cheat a drug test is by substituting the urine sample with that of somebody else at the point when the sample is being taken.

Ways of Detecting If a Urine Sample Has Been Adulterated

There are a number of ways of checking if a urine sample has been subject to either dilution, addition or substitution.

An adulteration test will normally detect dilution or addition. By checking for  certain urinary characteristics such as creatinine, pH, and specific gravity, a suspect sample is easily detected.

Substitution is normally quite easily detected by the monitoring temperature of the employee drug test specimen. Many of our drug tests that have an integrated cup also have a temperature strip on the side, just for this purpose.

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This post was originally published in 2015 and has been updated since.

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