10 Benefits of Drug Testing at Work

10 Benefits of Drug Testing at Work

1. Safety

An employer has a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for employees. Workplace drug testing helps to ensure that health and safety standards are maintained throughout the company. Drug use impairs the ability of an individual to function in their daily activities. As well as illegal drugs, some legal drugs such as alcohol can also cause a problem for the employer.

More often than not it is drug usage outside of the workplace that causes a danger. The effects of taking drugs can last for hours, even days, so even if the employee is taking drugs outside of the business, the effects can cause problems in the workplace.

A well planned out drug-testing program can help to identity safety risks and eliminate them. This will benefit the business, it’s employees and the wider population as a whole. When employees know that their colleagues are drug-free, it improves their morale, and they feel safe and reassured. A drug-free workplace, therefore, creates a positive work environment where employees can work harmoniously without fear of their safety, health or even reputation.

2. Work Quality

As an employer you can generally decide who you want to employ, within the framework of the law. Drug testing at work can be used in pre-employment to identify potential risks as well as to make sure that your existing workforce’s performance is not adversely affected by drugs.

Drug testing at work can increase the quality of work by eliminating those that use drugs and who contribute less to the business.

3. Lower Health Insurance Costs

The cost of healthcare insurance to a company can be greatly reduced once a drug-testing program has been implemented. Medical costs for accidents on the job that are drug related, or drug related illnesses, can all be significantly lowered. Lower health insurance costs also mean that a company can offer better healthcare benefits to its employees, thereby attracting and retaining top talent in the industry.

4. Lower Staff Turnover

Pre-employment drug screening can have a significant effect in lowering staff turnover. Not hiring individuals whose lifestyles may endanger co-workers is one way of making sure that the workplace is safe. It can also help the need to dismiss problem employees further down the line.

5. Reduced Recruitment Costs

By reducing staff turnover a company is saving money, as it does not need to recruit staff as often. Also, by creating a safer work environment, overall staff retention can be improved.

6. Lower Absenteeism

Many studies have shown that drug testing at work can significantly reduce absenteeism in the workplace. The cost of drug related absenteeism and sickness to a company can be high.

Employees that take drugs have been shown to be 2.5 times more likely to be away from work for more than 8 days per year. As we as being a financial concern, this kind of behaviour can also have a detrimental effect of staff morale.

7. Lower Risk of Work Related Accidents

Accidents can happen but there is more chance of them happening when drugs are involved. Drug testing at work can act as a deterrent to drug abuse by employees. Knowing that they may be tested can often be enough to stop a person using drugs in a way that might effect their work performance.

When an accident takes place at work, the individuals involved should be drug tested to find out if drugs were a contributing factor to the incident.

If an employee is driving a vehicle or is in charge of heavy machinery, drug testing at work is essential not only for their safety, but also for those around them and those that they come into contact with.

8. A More Productive Workplace

It is estimated that users of drugs are one third less productive than their co-workers. Less productive workers hurt a business by making it less profitable. Increasing efficiency in the workplace will help the company realise its goals and will help to maintain staff morale.

9. Less Conflict In The Workplace

Drug taking can lead to disruption in the workplace as it can occasionally cause conflict between co-workers. Because drug taking can cause mood swings and irritability, this can sometimes lead to a less than harmonious workplace, which ultimately destroys staff morale and lowers productivity.

Regular workplace testing can assist in reducing the chances drugs disrupting the work environment. Drug testing at work lays the foundations for an effective and harmonious work environment.

10. Avoid Legal Liability

Employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. Failing to implement drug-testing programs in the workplace exposes the company to legal liability if an employee causes harm to themselves or others due to drug use. By having a drug-testing program in place, employers not only reduce accidents but also legal consequences.

Why Drug Testing at Work is Cost Effective

Drug-testing programs in the workplace are an excellent way to promote safety, improve productivity, reduce healthcare cost, and avoid legal liabilities. A drug-free workforce means less absenteeism, improved employee morale, and creates a work environment conducive to growth and productivity. Companies that implement drug-testing programs also demonstrate their commitment to a safe and healthy work environment for their employees.

The cost of drug testing employees on a regular basis is relatively low compared to the massive potential cost savings to the company. Innovations such as drug test cups make on-site testing easy for even the smallest of companies. If you are interested in starting drug testing at work, Zoom Testing may be able to help you get and running in no time. Contact us today for free, impartial advice.

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This post was originally published in 2015 and has been updated since.

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