18 Panel Drug Test with Integrated Cup

Drug Test Cups

What is a Drug Test Cup and How Does it Work?

Drug test cups are commonly used for drug testing. They are used by employers, parents and police to determine whether a person has been using drugs. They are perfect for workplace drug testing.

A urine sample is collected in a small, plastic cup with a lid that contains a drug test. The sample is collected by urinating directly into the cup.

Urine drug tests are the most common form of drug testing in the UK and many other countries. These tests can detect a range of substances including cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and more.

18 Panel Drug Test with Integrated Cup

18 Panel Drug Test Cups

This drug test cup that has been designed to offer the best possible combination of 18 drugs for workplace drug testing.

The 18 Panel Drug Test Cup is a great example of how easy and comprehensive rapid drug testing should be. Individually wrapped, these cup drug tests have a screw-top lid that allows the cup to be given to the donor to provide a urine sample. This cup drug test is made with high quality materials to protect against spills, leaks, and more, as well as sturdy screw lids that cannot be tampered with.

The test kit is a quick and easy way to find out if a person has drugs in their system. It is a simple process that can be done in just 5 minutes.

The test kit is designed to detect 18 different drugs at the same time. This means that you don’t need to worry about which drug you are looking for, because the test will tell you everything. The test kit is also very accurate and reliable, with an accuracy of 99%, when run correctly.

Why Chose The 18 Panel Drug Test Cup?

The 18 Panel Drug Test Cup is perfect for employers, schools, and other organisations that require fast and accurate drug testing. The cup can detect the most commonly abused drugs, including cannabis, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and benzodiazepines. It can also detect newer drugs such as fentanyl, tramadol, and synthetic cannabinoids.

The test is very easy to administer, and requires no special training or equipment. Simply collect the urine sample in the cup, and wait for the results to appear. The test will show a positive or negative result for each drug after just a few minutes wait.

The 18 Panel Drug Test Cup is a cost-effective solution for drug testing, as it eliminates the need for multiple tests or lab fees.

Overall, the 18 Panel Drug Test Cup is a reliable and convenient option for drug testing in any setting. With its ease of use, accuracy, and comprehensive drug detection capabilities, it is a valuable tool for maintaining a safe and drug-free environment.

Other Types of Drug Test Cups

Zoom Testing offers a complete range of Drug Test Cups, with combinations that screen for 7 to 18 types of drugs.

Zoom Testing is a leading UK drug testing company and a supplier of Drug Test Kits.

This post was originally published in July 2022. It was last updated in June 2023.

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