UK Drug Testing News | 31st March 2023

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Photo: South Wales Police

Police seize £3m cannabis plants from former bingo hall in Barry, South Wales

Police in South Wales have seized cannabis plants worth £3m from a former bingo hall in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan. Officers discovered around 3,000 plants across 20 rooms after being alerted by National Grid officials who raised concerns about energy supply. No arrests have been made. Officers noted that the presence of kitchen equipment and clothing suggested that people had been living on the premises. Police also discovered thousands of pounds worth of equipment, including lighting and fertilisers, indicating the scale of the operation. The cannabis factory was described as one of the largest found in the area in recent years.

Class A and B drugs were found in the raid on Wednesday

Police Raid Six Shops Suspected of Being Fronts for Illegal Drug-Dealing in Gloucester

Police in Gloucester have raided six shops suspected of being fronts for illegal drug-dealing and arrested two people. Officers said they seized £3,500 of Class A drugs, £2,500 of Class B drugs and £30,000 worth of illegal tobacco in the Barton Street raids. The shops have been given closure orders. The cannabis was found hidden among bags of crisps which could have been reached by children. The raids were part of a wider week-long operation across the South West of England aimed at tackling drug related crime.

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Europe’s Drug Usage: A Wastewater Analysis of Cocaine, Speed, and Meth in 104 Cities

A study analysing drugs in wastewater from 104 European cities has revealed that Antwerp in Belgium is the continent’s cocaine capital, Gävle in Sweden has the highest usage of speed, and Ostrava in Czechia is big on meth. The study found that cocaine usage is highest in western and southern Europe, speed is highest in the north and east of Europe, and meth is concentrated in central Europe. The top five cities for cocaine use are Antwerp, Tarragona in Spain, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Zurich. The study highlights differences in drug use across the continent and a rise in cocaine and methamphetamine detections in the EU in 2022.

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MP Calls for Safe Space for Drug Users

UK Green MP Caroline Lucas is advocating for a safe space for drug users to take drugs without risk of arrest. She has urged Sussex Police to consider providing a space, potentially a van, where drugs could be taken under professional supervision. Lucas supports the work of the Cranstoun harm reduction ambulance in Brighton, which provides an overdose prevention centre van where people can take drugs without being arrested, with trained staff available to help those who overdose. In 2021, Brighton and Hove experienced 31 drug-related deaths, making it the area with the highest number of such fatalities in the South East.


drug testing in schools
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Police Seize Thousands of Suspected Illegal Vapes in Bolton after School Incidents

Police in Bolton have seized 2,800 suspected illegal vapes following three “medical incidents” at a local school. Trading standards workers were involved in the “day of action”. The vapes, estimated to be worth £20,000, were confiscated after those involved in the school incidents made full recoveries. Most recent NHS data shows that usage of e-cigarettes has risen to 9% among 11 to 15-year-olds in England. The NHS states that while vapes are less harmful than smoking, their long-term effects are unknown and small amounts of chemicals, including nicotine, can still be present.

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Why Australian Kids Are Hooked on Vapes

Australia’s health minister has accused the vaping industry of creating a new generation of nicotine addicts, as reports of vaping addiction in teenagers and nicotine poisoning in toddlers continue to rise. A vaping reform inquiry has revealed overwhelming support for tighter border controls around nicotine vaping products.

In this fascinating podcast from The Guardian about Australia’s upcoming crackdown on vaping, Melissa Davey delves into what this crackdown could look like, and also explores the impact that vaping has on kids.

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Drug Testing Lits Glasgow
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Glasgow City Council Urges Ban on Single-Use Vapes

Glasgow City Council has called for a ban on the sale of single-use vapes due to concerns over the environmental impact of littering and the future health of young people. The council’s Environment and Liveable Neighbourhoods Committee will write to the Scottish Government to request new legislation. The council’s call follows recent seizures by Trading Standards in Glasgow, which found many vapes with a nicotine strength exceeding permitted levels. Dundee City Council has also voiced support for a ban.

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