Is Cocaine Fuelling The Rise in Football Violence?

Reports of football violence in the UK are steadily escalating; from stadium intrusions to assaults on players and coaches, disruption is manifesting within and beyond stadium throughout the UK. So, what is the cause of this chaos? Is it down to the rise in  cocaine and other Class A drug usage? Have a younger generation of fans become emboldened? Or is this a byproduct of the tensions that have built up during the two year Covid lockdown period?

According to the Home Office, 2,198 football-related arrests occurred last season, the most since 2013-14. More than 140 arrests for drug offences took place at matches last year, with about 70 percent of those arrested being people aged 18 to 30 years old.

Government and police are now enforcing stricter laws to cut down on Class A drug use at football grounds. Fans face stadium bans if caught in possession of cocaine,  Still, professionals assert that blanket prohibitions will not be effective and have instead emphasised the need to focus on education and early identification of potential troublemakers.

Therefore, the key question is whether this resurgence of violence is a temporary phenomenon or whether it will place Britain back in the undesirable spotlight it was placed in during the hooliganism crisis of the 1980s? Can tranquillity be restored to football grounds around the country?

A recent Channel Four report highlighted this growing problem in football. You can watch it here:

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