UK Drug Testing News | 6th April 2023

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Photo: Durham Police

Massive Cannabis Farm Discovered in Disused Office Block

Durham Police have discovered a cannabis farm in a disused office block in Darlington’s Haughton Road. Officers raided the three-storey building and found over 2,000 cannabis plants estimated to be worth £1.7m being grown across 14 rooms. Two men have been charged with cultivation of cannabis and taking electricity illegally. Nearby homes and residents were put in “serious danger”. The cannabis plants have since been destroyed, and the building made safe. The men are due to appear at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court.

Photo: NCA

£300,000 worth of Cannabis recovered in Aberdeen

A Canadian man has been sentenced to two years and eight months in jail after being caught with £300,000 worth of cannabis at Aberdeen Airport. Pawlo Albanskyj was detained after arriving from Amsterdam and was found to be carrying the drugs in his suitcases. He had claimed to be visiting his sister in Slough. Albanskyj admitted being involved in the supply of cannabis in December and was going to be paid £5,000 for the trip. His defence argued he was a “small cog” in the drugs trade, but the judge highlighted the societal problems and misery caused by drug use.

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Photo: Cleveland Police

Shop Shut Down for Selling Cigarettes to Children and Counterfeit Tobacco Products

A shop in Thornaby, North Yorkshire, has been closed for three months by court order following the sale of cigarettes to children and the sale of counterfeit tobacco products. The shop was caught by Stockton Council trading standards following information being provided by the public. The director of adults and health for the council has urged people to report sales of illicit tobacco in future.

Photo by Swenico on Unsplash

Soccer Players Turning to Snus for a Nicotine Fix

Dozens of Premier League footballers are reportedly addicted to snus, a semi-legal tobacco product. Snus is a small pouch of powdered tobacco that is inserted behind the lip, and several players have been caught on camera using it during games. It has also become increasingly popular in some clubs among teenage academy players, with some using it while playing. While snus is legal to use but illegal to make and sell in the UK and Europe, it is part of day-to-day life in Nordic countries, where it is sold legally and is popular among young people as a cigarette alternative.

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Photo: Zoom Testing

School Scheme Aims to Reduce Smoking and Vaping Among Students

A pilot scheme has been launched at Liskeard School and Community College in Cornwall to reduce the number of pupils who smoke or vape. The project aims to prevent young people from taking up smoking and discourage vaping among them. Work will include education with pupils about the consequences, offering support and workshops, and inspecting and advising local shops by trading standards. If successful, the scheme will be replicated in other schools and communities. A survey by NHS Digital in 2021 suggested nearly one in five 15-year-olds use e-cigarettes, and among 11-15-year-olds, 9% say they are vapers, up from 6% in 2018.

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