For How Long Is Cannabis Detectable in the Body?

For How Long Is Cannabis Detectable in the Body?

One of the most frequent questions that we are asked at Zoom Testing is “How long does cannabis stay in your system?”

Many users of cannabis are often concerned about how long marijuana or hashish will remain detectable in their body. Certainly, nobody wants to risk losing his or her driving license or to test positive as part of a workplace drug investigation

While there is no definitive answer to this question, we can give some guidelines. However, the only certain way to know is by carrying out a test with a cannabis drug test kit.

How long does THC stay in your system?

The detection times for cannabis in the body vary greatly, depending on the type of drug testing carried out. The other important factor is how intensively the product was consumed prior to testing.

There are four types of drug testing for cannabis that are commonly used – blood, saliva, urine and hair testing.

There are also a number very important factors that will influence how long THC will be present in your urine. These include:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat
  • Amount Used
  • Frequency of Use

Since these factors can vary greatly for each individual, there are no definitive guidelines to tell you how long you can test positive for THC.

Detection times of Cannabis in Blood

THC is only detectable in blood for a few hours after last use. However, the degradation metabolite of cannabis, THC-COOH, can be detected for a longer period of time if the person being tested has taken the drug regularly.

A blood test for cannabis is normally only carried out by the police. This may happen after a road accident or traffic incident. Or it may be a follow-up test after a positive urine test for cannabis.

Detection times of Cannabis in Saliva

Detection of cannabis in saliva can be difficult as the drug is only detectable for a few hours. After this time, a saliva test for cannabis will come up negative. This is because a saliva drug test only checks for THC and not the degradation product / metabolite of cannabis, THC-COOH. Therefore, a saliva drug test for cannabis is best used when you suspect that use of the drug has taken place only a few hours before the test.

Detection times of Cannabis in Urine

How long cannabis is detectable in urine will depend on a number of factors. The most important variable is the how often the drug has been used by the person being tested.

If a person is being tested for cannabis, and they have only used the drug once, we can say with relative certainty that the detection time for the drug in urine will be 1-3 days after consumption.

The detection time for the drug becomes substantially greater if the person being tested has used cannabis more than once or heavily over a period of time.

A urine test for cannabis detects the metabolite THC-COOH. For regular users of cannabis, the metabolite will build up in the body faster than it can be eliminated in urine. This means that regular cannabis users will potentially be able to produce positive drugs tests for up to 2-3 months after last use of the drug.

On a urine drug test for cannabis, THC will appear as a positive within 2-5 hours of use. In the table below, we estimate how long the drug will take to leave the body based on frequency of use. We have not taken into account the weight and body fat of the cannabis user, which can affect the results:

  • A one-time user of cannabis may show positive for 1-6 days
  • A moderate user may show positive for 7-13 days
  • Frequent users can show positive for 15 or more days
  • Heavy users of cannabis can show positive for 30 or more days
  • In extreme cases, some heavy users have reported being positive 45-90 days after quitting

A urine drug test for cannabis is often used by employers for workplace drug screening. This type of test can also be used by the police for testing drivers of vehicles. A Zoom Testing Cannabis (THC) urine test allows you to test urine samples for traces of THC, in the same way that an employer or the police would do.

Detection times of Cannabis in Hair

Hair has a way of keeping a permanent record of substances consumed. This means that if you have long hair, then you have a greater chance of testing positive for cannabis if you have been using the drug.

Normally, hair grows at a rate of about 1cm per month. So, if your hair is 6cm long, then potentially that provides a 6-month record of drug consumption.

A Hair Follicle Test for THC can be ordered for home testing, with the hair sample being sent to a lab for testing and analysis. Such a test can be carried out for both private and legal reasons.

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