Detecting Cannabis in Vapes Made Easy for UK Schools

Could Your Students Be Vaping THC?

As vaping grows increasingly popular, it’s a major concern for educators across the UK. While e-cigarettes are meant for adults only, many students have been caught vaping on school grounds. It’s a problem that most schools are seeing now and it’s not just nicotine vapes that are the issue here. More and more devices are being addapted to vape other substances, such as THC or other drugs of abuse. Do you really know what’s inside those vape pens?

THC vape oils and cannabis extracts have become worryingly widespread. And it’s easy for students to hide them in vaping devices. Regular vape checks are essential, but physically dismantling each pen is impractical. That’s where SwabTek’s Cannabis Test Kit comes in handy.

A Simple Swab for Cannabis Detection

This ingenious kit lets you check virtually any vape for cannabis compounds like THC and CBD – no tools required. It’s a simple way of testing for cannabis within schools. Here’s how it works:

First, open the sealed packet and remove the two components:

  1. A pre-treated swab for collecting a sample
  2. A specialised test card that reacts to cannabinoids

Testing a Vape in Seconds

Now you just need to swab around the vape’s mouthpiece or any areas where residue builds up. Concentrate on a single spot for 5-10 seconds, pressing firmly to capture a sample.

Once the swab tip has picked up any potential cannabis residue, simply dab it across the test card’s indicator zone. If the vape contained THC, CBD or other cannabinoids, a vibrant red colour will appear within 30 seconds. No disassembly needed!

Fast, Affordable and Definitive

These cannabis test cards have an easy colour reference to confirm positive or negative results. There’s no guesswork involved – just an instant yes or no for cannabis presence.

The single-use kits are extremely portable, require zero chemicals, and can be safely disposed of after use. At just a few pounds each, they’re a cost-effective way for schools to conduct widespread vape screening.

While not meant for quantitative analysis, the SwabTek Cannabis Tests provide a simple triage method. You’ll know which vapes likely contain illegal substances and merit further inspection.

Protecting Students with Proactive Vape Monitoring

By routinely testing the vape pens found on campus, your school can take a proactive stance against underage cannabis use. With an affordable tool like SwabTek’s kit, there’s no excuse for overlooking this growing teenage vaping trend.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get ahead of the curve with SwabTek – your rapid defence against cannabis vaping in UK schools.

Photo by Swabtek

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