A Simple Way to Test for Cannabis

Have you ever wondered if that vape pen or edible you confiscated actually contains cannabis? With SwabTek’s Cannabis Test Kit, it’s easy to find out. This single-use kit allows you to quickly detect cannabinoids like THC and CBD in any kind of sample.

Let me walk you through how it works…

What’s in the Kit?

The test kit comes neatly packaged in a small airtight sachet. Inside you’ll find:

  • A pre-treated test swab for collecting your sample
  • A paper test card containing a special reagent

That’s it! Just two simple components ready to go.

When you open the sachet, be careful not to spill or contaminate anything. Hold the pieces individually and don’t set them down on any surfaces before you do the test.

Collecting Your Sample

Using the test swab is a breeze. Dab, swab, or rub the tip directly onto the surface or substance you want to test – whether it’s vape oil, plant material, edibles, you name it. Spend about 10 seconds collecting as much potential residue on the swab tip as possible.

For vape pens, try dabbing into the oil cartridge if you can access it. Otherwise, swab areas like the mouthpiece where residue accumulates.

With edibles or other coated items, apply a bit of force and focus on one spot to try to collect a sample through the outer layer.

The Magic Colour Change

Now it’s time to expose your sample to the reagent on the test card. Simply dab the swab tip across the designated test zone area – this whole step takes under 10 seconds.

If your sample contained cannabis compounds, you’ll start to see a vibrant red colour appear within 30 seconds. Check both the test card and swab tip carefully, as the colour change can show up on either surface.

A dark red colour indicates a presumptive positive result for cannabis. Alternatively, if no red colour develops, the test is presumptive negative.

Colour Coded for Easy Reading

Not sure if you’re seeing red or not? No worries! The test card handily includes a colour reference panel so you can double check.

It shows exactly what shades indicate a positive result for cannabis compounds like THC and CBD. The colours can range a bit, but they’ll be unmistakably in the red family if it’s positive.

This makes it super easy to read your results, even for first-time users. Just compare to the guide and you’re good to go.

Quick, Safe, and Easily Disposable

One of the biggest advantages of SwabTek’s Cannabis Test is how fast and portable it is. With zero chemicals to worry about, you can safely use these kits anywhere – schools, offices, labs, you name it.

Each individual test takes less than a minute once you’ve collected your sample. And since the components are dry and self-contained. When you have finished the test, the test card, test swab, and sample in question can be disposed of in normal rubbish, if not required for evidence. The test card and test swab do not contain any dangerous or hazardous materials, and do not require any special disposal procedures.

Whether you’re an educator, law enforcement officer, or concerned citizen, SwabTek’s Cannabis Test provides a simple way to screen for cannabis on the go. The colour-change system makes presumptive testing virtually foolproof.

Get Definitive Answers

Of course, it’s important to understand that these are presumptive tests only. They can’t tell you specific cannabinoid types or concentrations – just that cannabis compounds are likely present or not.

If you need more detailed analysis, you’d still need to send the sample to an approved lab. But SwabTek’s Cannabis Tests give you a fast way to triage samples and get an initial read.

For something so straightforward yet powerful, these affordable kits are a must-have for anyone doing cannabis screening and detection. They instantly eliminate the guesswork about whether a substance contains cannabis or not.

I’d highly recommend picking up a box and giving them a try. Being able to quickly test samples can provide hugely valuable data and make your operations way more efficient.

Photo: “SwabTek’s Cannabis Test” by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Testing

Zoom Testing is a leading UK drug testing company and a supplier of Drug Test Kits.

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