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Testing Cannabis Anywhere, On Anything

Cannabis products are now widely available in many forms, from oils and edibles to vapes and topicals. This proliferation has created a need for portable, versatile cannabis testing that can work on more than just plant material. Enter SwabTek’s revolutionary new Cannabis Test Kit.

A Simple Swab Opens Up Testing Possibilities

Rather than require a sample of cannabis bud, SwabTek’s test kit uses a treated cotton swab. This allows for easy testing of surfaces, liquids, and objects that have come in contact with cannabis. Vape pens, creams, edibles, and contaminated surfaces can now be easily tested.

SwabTek has opened up a whole new world of testing applications that were previously impossible with older cannabis tests. Their breakthrough use of swabs paved the way for convenient testing on the go.

Empowering Everyone With Instant Results

From parents checking for exposures to employers maintaining safe workplaces, SwabTek puts the power of cannabis testing in your hands. Get lab-accurate results in minutes to inform, protect, and give you peace of mind.

The tiny one-use SwabTek kits easily fit in a pocket or bag so you can test discreetly whenever needed. No more waiting days for lab results. SwabTek allows people to make smarter choices with the instant cannabis detection results they provide.

The Future of Cannabis Testing

As cannabis products and legislation evolve, testing technology must advance as well. SwabTek represents the cutting edge of portable cannabis testing kits.

With its versatile swab design and quick turnaround, SwabTek has reinvented cannabis testing for a new era. The future looks bright for simplified, accessible consumer testing that empowers people with knowledge.


• Δ-9-THC
• Marijuana
• Industrial Hemp
• Cannabinoids
• Hashish
• Ganja


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