Heroin Drug Identification Tests – 10 Pack


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This MMC drug identification test is designed to test suspect material and to identify if the sample is actually heroin. As a test kit it is highly reliable and is used by police forces around the world to correctly identify drugs that are found or seized as part of drug control operations. Each box contains 10 Heroin Identification Tests

The test itself is simple and easy to administer with results being available to se within minutes. The drug reagent is supplied in a glass ampoule. A sample of the suspect material is added to the liquid in the ampoule and moments later a colour change indicates if the sample matter is heroin or not.

If Heroin has been found in the sample matter, the liquid in the ampoule changes colour to black.

After using the test, the ampoule can simply be thrown away in normal rubbish as none of the liquids inside the glass bottle are hazardous.

This drug test is manufacture by the leaders in drug identification test kits, MMC International. The main benefits of using this test are:

    • Simple and quick one step test
    • can be used safely with need for precautions
    • Environmentally friendly product with easy disposal
    • Results can be seen almost instantly
    • Very reliable results
    • Highly sensitive test

These drug identification tests are simple to use and each drug test kit is supplied with easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions.


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