Three Types of Alcohol Test Kits

We are pleased to offer to three kinds of disposable, one-time-use alcohol tests that determine blood alcohol content (BAC) for you. Choose from a breath alcohol test, a saliva alcohol test or a urine alcohol test.

Breath Alcohol Test

Our breath alcohol test allows for 0.02 percent BAC testing or 0.08 percent BAC testing. These testing devices are so accurate that the US army uses them when conducting alcohol testing. To conduct a breath alcohol test with one of these devices, the person in question simply blows into a glass tube. You can determine pass or fail by examining the colour of the crystals in the tube. This testing method is 98 per cent accurate, and the tubes are FDA approved.

Saliva Alcohol Test

Our saliva alcohol test requires that a test strip be saturated with saliva. Based on colour change, the you can determine results of 0.02, 0.04, 0.08 or 0.30 per cent BAC. Reading results couldn’t be simpler since test packaging makes it easy to see which colour corresponds to which result.

Urine Alcohol Test

Based on an alcohol-sensitive enzyme reaction, our urine alcohol test will show if alcohol is present in the sample provided. When it is, there’s a reaction with the test strip chemicals causing a colour change. By comparing the strip colour to a provided chart, the alcohol concentration in the urine can be determined.

All tests function in essentially the same way: by measuring how much alcohol has been metabolised by the body of the person being tested. When properly used along with knowledge of how alcohol is metabolised in the body, a complete picture emerges. (Learn about this process in our article “How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System?”)

It makes sense to accurately determine BAC with a test rather than simply guessing at the level of intoxication based on the number of drinks consumed. With accurate information, it’s easier to decide whether driving a car or other activities can be done safely.

Photo Credit: “Breath test” (CC BY 2.0) by OregonDOT

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