Drug Testing Kits for Cannabis

At Zoom Testing, one of our biggest selling products is our range of Drug Testing Kits for Cannabis. These types of drugs test kits have been available in the UK for nearly 20 years now. With the increasing trend towards drug testing at work, demand for drug testing kits for for cannabis has never been higher, both from employers wishing to test staff and concerned individuals who want to test for cannabis at home.

Drug testing kits for cannabis are very easy to use and offer very reliable results that can be seen in just a few minutes. The most popular tests for cannabis are urine drug test kits. These tests can be bought as either an individual drug test cassette which detects only cannabis or as part of a multi-parameter drug screen that is designed to detect multiple drugs.

As well as urine drug test for cannabis, we also offer a range of drug tests that use saliva. For some people, this may be a preferred method of testing as there are less privacy issues and the scope for tampering with a saliva sample is much less than with urine. For this reason, saliva drug testing is often used for workplace drug testing.

Drug testing kits for cannabis that use saliva are normally sold a part of a multi-panel drug test kit. Our biggest selling tests of this type are the classic 4 in 1 and 7 in 1 saliva drug test panels.

It is important to remember that saliva drug testing is generally costs more than urine drug testing and that the detection times with saliva screening are usually not as long.

If you are looking for drug testing kits for cannabis to use at home, a urine test is normally the wisest choice as the screening period often can be as long as 30 days if the cannabis use has been regular and heavy.