UK Drug Testing News - 17th June

UK Drug Testing News | 17th June 2022

Here’s a summary of some of the more interesting drug testing news stories and articles from around the UK this week. As always, if drugs are a concern for you, your family or your organisation, Zoom Testing is here to help. Contact us with all of your drug testing requirements.


Benzodiazepines belong to a group of drugs known as depressants. Unfortunately, benzodiazepines have an extremely high rate of abuse. In the UK, the most common benzodiazepine is Valium. Slang names for the drug include benzos, temazies, jellies, eggs, moggies and vallies. A benzodiazepines drug test will detect BZD in urine within hours of using the drug and possibly up to 2 – 14 days after use.

Benzodiazepines and Post-War America
Minor tranquilisers are a class of medication known for their anti-anxiety effects. Miltown, the first of these prescription anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) drugs, quickly became a commercial success upon its debut in 1955 | Volteface, UK


Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in the UK. At Zoom Testing we offer a very wide range of drug testing kits for cannabis. This week, there were a number of cannabis related news stories that caught the eye:

Germany moves ahead with plan to legalise cannabis sales
The German government is setting in motion plans to legalize the sale of cannabis for recreational purposes, aiming to have legislation ready later this year | Mail Online, UK


Powder cocaine continues to be the second most commonly used drug of abuse in the UK, after Cannabis. Zoom Testing supply a wide range of drug testing kits for cocaine. In the news this week:

Arrest after West Midlands Police seize cocaine worth £2m at Dover
Blocks of cocaine with a street value of approximately £2m have been found in at lorry after it arrived from France | BBC, UK

Cocaine overtakes heroin as the main drug for which people seek treatment
Cocaine has for the first time overtaken heroin as the main drug people are seeking treatment for, in what experts say could be a “tipping point” in Ireland’s battle with addiction | Irish Examiner, Ireland

British men in Greek court over cocaine smuggling
Four British men have appeared in court in Greece charged with smuggling almost 300kg of Colombian cocaine, concealed in a shipment of bananas | BBC, UK


Heroin is a pain-killing drug, which is derived from the dried milk of the opium poppy. Heroin belongs to a group of drugs known as opiates, other opiates include morphine and methadone. Heroin is also known as smack, H, junk, brown, skag and gear. Zoom Testing is a leading supplier of drug testing kits for Heroin.

Drug workers warn heroin treatment shortage will cost lives
An “unprecedented shortage” of the heroin substitute diamorphine in England is putting hundreds of lives at risk, say drug workers | BBC, UK


The common name for the drug MDMA is Ecstasy which is a controlled substance. Ecstasy Drug Test Kits are available from Zoom Testing. We can also supply party drugs test kits.

Is drug testing going to become a regular part of UK festivals?
The first festival season since the end of coronavirus restrictions is well underway – with festival goers looking forward to events like Glastonbury opening their gates for the first time since 2019 | ITV, UK

Testers discovered eight new ecstasy pills at Parklife – one was twice as potent as an average tablet
The Loop is advising caution for festival-goers and clubbers thinking of taking the tablets, which were found to be on average 1.5 times stronger than normal | Manchester Evening News, UK

Would you take MDMA to save your marriage?
Some counsellors think psychedelic drugs could help save our love lives and restore intimacy – we examine the claims | Telegraph, UK

Other Drug News in the UK

Also in the news this week:

Covid: Downers more popular than party drugs since pandemic
Drug users have switched from party drugs such as ecstasy to so-called “downers” since the pandemic, according to a top police officer | BBC, UK

Most Wanted drugs accused is arrested in Bulgaria
An alleged drugs supplier and one of the UK’s most wanted men has been arrested at a hotel in Bulgaria | BBC, UK

How HSBC laundered millions for Mexican drug lords
In 2012 the bank paid $1.9bn for its part in helping El Chapo’s Sinaloa cartel to launder money. Why has no one taken the fall? | New Statesman, UK

Devon county lines drug searches lead to 40 arrests
Devon and Cornwall Police carried out “a significant number of searches” in Torquay, Paignton, Teignmouth and Newton Abbot on Tuesday and Wednesday | BBC, UK

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