Top 5 Reasons To Drug Test For Cannabis

Top 5 Reasons To Drug Test For Cannabis

Here’s our top 5 reasons why cannabis drug testing is a good idea. So why should you drug test for cannabis?

1) Cannabis Is a Drug That Is Widely Used

In the UK, Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug. It is estimated that around 2 million people in the UK smoke cannabis regularly. If you are an employer and are concerned about drug abuse amongst your current or future employees, you should be testing for cannabis use.

2) Young People and Cannabis

In this country, teenagers are just as likely to use cannabis as they are to smoke cigarettes. Both of these activities are not good for young people, who are often pushed into taking part in drug taking due to peer pressure. Testing a young person for drugs is not something that should entered into lightly but it can be the basis for a mutual understanding and conversation about the pitfalls of taking drugs.

3) Safety At Work

Drugs and a work environment just don’t mix. Cannabis is a dug that can slow reaction times. If an employee is using cannabis and is operating machinery or a vehicle, the potential for accident and injury is increased. Visual perception and motor speed can be impaired for weeks after cannabis use, not just when the drug is being taken. for this reason, a drug test for cannabis should be used in all workplaces where the potential for injury is high.

Drug driving is now also a real issue for employers to worry about. Roadside drug test kits are now used by many employers to make sure that their staff do not break the law whilst in charge of company vehicles.  The UK government has introduced legal limits for drug driving, covering 17 different drugs, including cannabis.

4) Protecting Your Employees

If you are an employer you have a duty of care to make sure that your staff are working in a safe environment. When co-workers are using cannabis, or any other drug, you put staff at risk as any accident caused by the drug-taking employee, may well cause the innocent co-worker harm too.  If employers employ a regular drug test for cannabis, the risk of accidents is greatly minimised.

A urine drug test for cannabis can quickly determine if any of your staff are regularly using the drug. Often employers will use saliva drug test kits in order to screen workers. The advantage of saliva drug testing over urine testing in work situations as it is seen as less invasive and easier to administer. This why many companies have switched to saliva drug testing for cannabis.

Cannabis is often tested alongside other drugs. Typically, an employer might use a 5 panel urine drug test or a 4 panel saliva drug test at work.  Tests that can screen for more drugs include the 12 panel urine drug test or a 13 panel saliva drug test.

5) Encourage a Healthier Lifestyle

People get into drugs for all kinds of reasons. Stress, depression, boredom are just some of the reasons. Drug testing at work can actual be a positive catalyst for change. Employees, knowing that they may be drug tested, might be inclined to stop or greatly reduce their drug usage. This can only be a good move for their long term health.

18 Panel Drug Test with Integrated Cup

Detecting Cannabis With an 18 Panel Urine Drug Test

The 18 panel urine drug test from Zoom Testing is a comprehensive solution for detecting a wide range of substances, including cannabis (marijuana). This powerful drug testing kit can identify traces of not only THC, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, but also amphetamines (speed), cocaine (crack), and crystal meth, which are stimulants commonly abused alongside marijuana.

However, the capabilities of this test go far beyond just detecting recreational drugs. It can also uncover the presence of opioids like heroin, fentanyl, and oxycodone, which have been at the centre of the ongoing opioid crisis. Additionally, it can detect benzodiazepines (valiums) and barbiturates, which are often misused for their sedative and anxiety-reducing effects.

One notable feature of this test is its ability to detect nicotine through the presence of cotinine, a metabolite produced when the body breaks down nicotine. This can be particularly useful in workplace settings where smoking is prohibited or in monitoring smoking cessation programs.

Zoom Testing, a renowned UK drug testing expert, offers this 18 panel urine drug test with an integrated cup, ensuring a convenient and secure sample collection process. The temperature test strip and urine adulteration checks further enhance the reliability of the results, giving employers and organisations the confidence they need to make informed decisions.

By providing such a comprehensive and user-friendly solution, Zoom Testing demonstrates its commitment to helping businesses and individuals maintain a safe and drug-free environment, promoting accountability and responsible behaviour across various settings.

Photo: “Cannabis” by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Testing

Zoom Testing is a leading UK drug testing company and a supplier of Drug Test Kits.

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